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WED 29/4


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Good day all.

I have some fun things for you to do and learn today. I look forward to receiving an email from each of you later mail

I know many of you enjoyed making the star gazers yesterday. Check out some of the pictures...


On Friday we are going to have a 'virtual' alien disco to celebrate the end of our topic. I would love you to be part of it.

There are two things which it would be great fun to think about in preparation:
1) Think about how you could 'dress' as an alien or something space related ... make a mask, head-dress, costume, make up, hair style, props etc 

2) Create an 'alien food' CLICK HERE FOR SOME IDEAS

Start your day (or workout later) with The Body Coach - Joe Wicks. Click below...
Fancy a different kind of wake me up - Shape Workout Dance? Click below...
> MATHS - 

adding decimals with a different number of decimal places

Our Maths session will use a video to teach us and this will ask you to pause from time to time to answer questions. The questions are on a worksheet that you can view on your screen. Answer the questions in your Exercise Book at the Maths end.
You will use the worksheet and the video together.


Click below to download the worksheet onto your screen. (it does not need to be printed)


Click below to watch the teaching video and pause when it asks you to answer the questions. Answer the questions in your Exercise Book at the Maths end.

Ask a grown-up to check or mark your work yourself using the answers below.
> ENGLISH - simile and metaphor

What do you imagine an alien from a far distant planet might look like? It is fun to let our imaginations run wild... and creators of books and movies really do... check out these pictures from films such as Star Wars, Doctor Who, Men in Black, ET and Avatar...

Today we are going to write a description of an alien. Our description will include simile and metaphor.



Click on the link below and do the whole LEARN Section then return here (there are two videos to watch and some text to read)


So let's check that we understand...


What is a metaphor?

A metaphor is a word or a phrase used to describe something as if it were something else.

For example:

The alien is a wobbling green jelly.

The alien's hands were snakes reaching out towards me.

The alien's teeth are jagged rocks in a dark bottomless cave.
Its eye was one huge saucer


What is a simile?

A simile describes something by comparing it to something else, using like or as.

For example:

The alien moved like the ripple on a pond

Its skin was as slippery as an eel

It made a noise like a thundering rhino


Using metaphors and similes can make your writing more descriptive and interesting.


In your exercise book at the English end I would like you to write a description on an alien. It could be one of the ones above or one from your own books, DVDs, games, comics or imagination.
I would like your description to be packed with good vocabulary. Choose your adjectives carefully. It must contain 1 metaphor and at least 2 similes.


Check your learning by clicking on the link below and do the PRACTISE Section - Activity 2 and/or have a go at the worksheet.


Is it possible that there is life out there?

What makes discovering life elsewhere so hard is that the distances are too far for humans to travel at the moment.

Before we begin this work lets enjoy another story read by a real astronaut in below to hear

We learnt last week about the Pioneer Spacecraft travelling deep into Space carrying the picture from Earth... just in case life elsewhere discovers it.

People have been fascinated for years with the idea that life from elsewhere might already have visited Earth and there are lots of stories where people say they have seen UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) in the sky.

Some people even claim to have taken pictures of them. Here are some famous ones:

What do you think? Are these really UFOs that people have seen?


Well let me tell you something!!!!

I looked out of my window today and guess what?


Can you see it?!!!


What do you think I did there?

I made a fake photo laugh

Some experts think the photos of UFOs are fake.

My challenge to you is to set up and take a fake photo that looks real.

The trick is to cut out good stick them to a take a photo from a place where there is sky behind - so the UFO is back-lit and a black silhouette - but then maybe a roof or building or tree in the picture. Just how clever and convincing a photo can you take? Please send it to me.


OH NO! You won't believe it....I went upstairs to get a better view and I think there is an invasion coming....there were 3 of them!!! wink

If you have filters or special effects on your camera you might even be able to use those to improve your picture.


Click below to read on the CBBC about UFOs and life in Space!


Maybe aliens are already secretly and communicating with their loved ones back home smileyheart

Click below to watch a short animated film about just this...

We can continue to enjoy another story written and read by David Walliams. Find somewhere to relax comfortably and enjoy...
Is David Walliams not to your taste? indecision
If not, then visit our audio library where you can listen to books such as Harry Potter and a whole library of books and stories! Find somewhere below and then choose a story to listen to.

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