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Monday 18th May 2020

Our plan for the day; 

Morning work - Sentence building 

English - Story ordering 

Maths - Decimals 

Science - Investigation 

Story - How to Train Your Dragon

Morning task

Describe what happened when I (Miss Kaur) went whitewater rafting and the raft went down a slope! (Yes it’s me in the pictures, this was about 4 years ago in Australia) 

Remember to use lots of descriptive vocabulary, adventurous adjectives and make it funny! 


Watch the video below about 'The Dragon Slayer'. 

I would then like you to sequence still images I have taken from the opening scene, I would then like you to add your own narration for what is happening in the story for the images. 


(If you cannot organise the images, I am more than happy for you to just create your own narration for the clip). 

Dragon Slayer



Today you will be looking at dividing a 1 or 2 digit number by 100. This will lead  to a decimal being made... But will there be tenths or hundredths? 


As always, read the powerpoint presentation and then complete your chosen option. 


Create a bug hotel! Because we have spent time looking at habitats, different animals in food chains and predators and prey. I thought we could end this topic with some fun. 


Our amazing planet is home to a variety of different animals. Within their habitats, all living things have an important role. Learn about nearby habitats and help protect creatures found there by designing and building an invertebrate hotel – an ideal place for your favourite minibeast.


Kit list

  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Natural materials such as logs, twigs, leaves, bark, rocks, soil
  • Water
  • Structural materials such as cardboard, string, tape, scissors
  • Spot the invertebrate sheet



1 Go on a tour of your garden and make a note of which creatures can be found and what the environment is like there, e.g. was it dark or bright? Was it damp or dry? You can use the worksheet overleaf to record your findings.

2 Indoors, choose a creature you found and list the type of environment this creature would love to live in. Use books or websites to find out more about what it eats and what places it likes. You can see an image gallery with examples of different designs below.

3 Design an invertebrate hotel for your creature. Label its key features and the materials used to make it. Make sure these are all easy to find.

4 Find a place outside where your hotel will be unlikely to get knocked over or damaged and won’t need to be moved. The area should not be contaminated by broken glass or cat and dog fouling and similar hazards. 5 Using natural materials and structural materials, build your invertebrate hotel in your chosen safe place outside.

6 After two weeks, visit your invertebrate hotel to observe if any creatures have decided to stay in it.


E4E: Write a delicious room service menu for your invertebrate, including all its favourite things to eat.

OR Film an advert for your hotel, showing why the invertebrate would love to stay there.

Cressida reads How to Train Your Dragon: Chapter 12

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