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Wednesday 10th February

Please make sure that you  read for at least 20 minutes everyday and that you sign your reading yellow diary.


►Good morning and today's timetable

Miss Shepherd explains today's timetable.

Well-being Wednesday

Join Miss Shepherd and Eggmo and find out about Growth Mindset.

Well-being Wednesday

Click below for the well-being Wednesday task.


Before you start the main part of the lesson please complete a times

tables warm up activity.

Click below.

Click below for the maths challenge.

Addition and subtraction today!


►Spelling,punctuation and grammar

The spelling list for this week's test is below so make sure that you spend a bit of time practising ready for Friday.

Click on a spelling , punctuation and grammar quiz to see what you've remembered and what you understand.

This week's spellings for our test on Friday.

hour     after    again    parents   

beautiful   I've    it's     she'll

didn't    he's  


Follow the English lesson below with Miss Shepherd and complete the task.

English lesson Year 2

Useful words for today's English task

I   me   my   myself   I'm   I've   I'll   I'd

chased    trapped    caught    cage    guards


Today we are carrying on with our work on habitats and we are thinking about  this question.

Can a city be a habitat?

Click below and follow the science lesson.


Remember it is important to keep yourself active.

Join in with one or both of the PE sessions below.

Alan the Camel

Minecraft Fitness Run! - A Virtual PE Workout Game



Year 2 story continued

School Updates