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Tuesday 16th June

Good morning everyone! How did you get on with your Globe Theatres? Here is Jacks...


Here is our timetable for TUESDAY...

CLASS:  3  & 4

Mrs Boyd

WEEK BEGINNING: 15/06/20   Tues  Home Learning SUMMER TERM

8.40 – 9.00

9.00 - 9.30

9.30 – 10.30

10.30 -10.50

10.50 - 12

12– 1

1.00 – 2.50


Maths skills –

times tables


PE with

Joe Wicks – follow link on youtube

Maths –

see your own yr gp star


English/topic – developing reading of ‘The Tempest’


 Reading time (15mins)

ART – Tudor portraits

Grammar –adverb recap


Start your day off well with a blast of TT ROCKSTARS!!

EITHER ....PE With Joe | Tuesday 16th June

OR..... Moana | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

ENGLISH - Do you remember we started reading...


You might want to reread the text from yesterday to remember the story so far.

Now just to recall how the plays were shown, look at the inside of the Globe Theatre...


1. Read the next part of the story 

2. Choose 2 words to CLARIFY - you can google them to find out their meaning. Mine would be 'defiantly' 

3. Consider why Caliban is not treated well by Prospero. Write down three possible reasons why that might have changed. 

4. Draw a quick sketch of Prospero and Caliban talking to each other. Add a speech and thought bubble for each character and write inside them. 




Reading time - spend 15 minutes reading a book quietly. 

This is a nice book...

ART- In the Tudor times, rich people wanted their image to be captured, but cameras did not exist! So painted portraits were the only option.  Today we will look at Royal portraits and practise drawing faces.


1. Look at the powerpoint that shows some portraits, study them carefully and think about how they were drawn and styled. 

2. Watch carefully on the powerpoint how to draw a face. Try a few goes of creating faces! 

3. Draw your Royal Tudor portrait face in pencil only today. 

GRAMMAR - Recap what ADVERBS are and HOW to use them...

Click this link...

Danny the Champion of the World is BACK! Chapter 12 part one...

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