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Monday 11th May 2020

Monday Morning Message!

Are you impressed with my alliteration there?
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Happy Monday Year 4! 


Our lessons today; 

Morning work - Handwriting 

English - Editing and improving Viking story

Maths - Decimals 

Topic - Viking life 

Story - David Walliams - FING! 


This morning, I would like to get creative with your handwriting task, look at the PDF document below for your instructions. 


Time to search the house for a funky 'editing' pen, in school these are blue biros, but as you're home, find something fun, pink gel pen, green biro! I really don't mind! 


Please go through the PDF documents which give you information about all the different editing stations, this is to help you to edit and improve your writing as you go through your work. 


Remember to focus on one area at a time... 


Attachments for each area will be posted below (Re-Write Road is your final draft which we will complete another time, hopefully on some viking themed paper) 

Please be aware that some of the elements for the editing stations are tailored to upper KS2, e.g. Parenthesis Palace, Colon College, Semicolon Circus, Hyphen Hill. 


Today you will be looking at how to divide a 1 digit number by 10. We have looked at this during our work when dividing and when we have complete mental arithmetic papers. This will help you to see how decimals can be linked to division when dividing by 10, especially when you think about money or dividing in general. 


Please go through the powerpoint presentation and choose the option sheet you would like to complete, you do not need to print the sheet out (the answer page will be at the end of the pdf). 


I have also included an extension task for you (please remember that you do not HAVE to complete the extension). 


Today I would like you to read through the Powerpoint presentation about Life in Viking times. There is so much we can learn about their daily lives. 


I want you to come up with quiz questions about their lives based on what you have read (I have included a PDF of some pictures linked to Vikings to help you think of some ideas!) 


Please feel free to send me your favourite questions so we can create a 'class quiz'! 

Viking home life | History - The Vikings

Suitable for 7-11s.

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