Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Foundation Stage Maths and English


Today we are revising the sound 'ch'


Watch the video below and then practise forming the sound using the ' sounds of the week ch' video on Tapestry.


Google Forest Phonics and practise building words using the 'ch' sound.




Alphablocks S03E11 Champ

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Today we are looking at 3d shape properties. 


First ask your child to find objects in your house which are a cube, cuboid, sphere, cylinder and cone.


Give descriptions of the shapes and ask your child to guess which your are thinking of.


e.g. 'I am thinking of a shape with 6 square faces.' (cube)

'I am thinking of a shape with one big curved face.' (sphere)


If your child is confident, ask them to give you descriptions of the shapes to guess.

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