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Today we are learning about the final of the Seven Wonders of the World, Petra in Jordan.


Jordan is right next to Israel, which is where Jesus lived and we will be learning about the Nativity over the next two weeks.


Watch the video below and talk about what you learnt. Try to create your own version of the valley and Petra out of construction.

Petra, Jordan | Civilisations - BBC Two



Today we are learning about the number 8.


Watch the Numberblocks episode below and then ask your child to think of as many things associated with 8 as they can.


Write a list to send to Mrs Wills.


Provide your child with items and see if they can use their prior learning to find number bonds to 8. Give them 8 items and ask them to split them into two groups. Can they find another way of splitting them into two groups? Continue this until they have found all of the ways to make 8.



Today we are learning the sound 'e'.


Show your child the 'e' sound and explain that we say "cut off the top and scoop around the egg."


Practice writing the letter a few times.


Then play I Spy together using any sounds which we've already learnt.

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