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THURS 26/3

Another incredible day on Wednesday Team 5!  With the sun shining you busied yourselves learning and thank you for the many many emails during the day: Ryley, Austin, Jakub, Brendan, Lois, Gracie-Mae, Ollie, Fin, Alfie, Kaeden, Joshua, Joseph, Albion, Georgia, Charlotte and Liam. It's good to hear that you are doing some lovely things with your families too; such as playing games, baking, cooking and making the most of precious family time. The sun was our friend when it came to investigating rainbows and here are some of the photos you sent:

and then you went on to create pictures of rainbows to give everyone hope as we all pull together and do our bit to help:

GOOD MORNING - click to hear

> Wake Me Up Workout
> Maths
> English
> PE
> Art
> Story
> WAKE ME UP WORKOUT - live at 9am


In your folder please find your Home Learning Pack Year 5

Please do Column 14 - Multi-Step Problems - Numbers 1a and 2a

These are similar to yesterday, so if you need some tips I posted a help video yesterday you can refer back to.


Ask a grown-up to check or mark your own work using the answers below.

Main Activity

In your folder find the sheets called Subtracting 4-digit numbers Sheet 1 and Subtracting 5-digit numbers Sheet 2

They look like this:

In your exercise book at the Maths end please do either:

  • Sheet 1 or
  • Sheet 2 or
  • Sheet 1 and Sheet 2

Make sure you try the challenges too.


These require a column method with decomposition (borrowing). If you need a reminder there is a help video below.


Please ask a grown-up to check or you can mark them yourself using the answers below.

Help Video


Story writing time! smiley
Please write on a new page in your exercise book at the English end.


Below is a picture for inspiration and a story opening to go with it. (Click below to hear me read the opening).
I would like you to carry on the story......
(you do not need to copy the opening just carry the story on). Continue the story in a way that keeps the reader hooked...using all the skills you have. Take the reader with you as you create pictures in their mind.


Our story is called ' The Secret Quest'


They knew what had to be done. Time was of the essence.

Quietly placing their oars in the water so as not to make a sound, the two dark figures inched their way across the moonlit lake. Far away on the horizon they could see it…their objective. They had to reach the house. They had to remain undetected.

To their surprise, a light flickered on in one of the rooms. Was someone there? They were told it would be empty. They were told they would be alone. They saw a silhouette pass the glowing window. Who on earth was it? They exchanged an anxious glance. The one in the top hat cursed under his breath. The one with the curly hair shrugged. Beginning to panic, the pair began to paddle faster, oblivious to the splashing sound they were now making.

It did not matter. Time was running out! They only had a matter of minutes…. now you carry on

Click to hear story opening


When and where is this story set? - are there clues in the picture?

Who do think these two figures are?

Do they have good, evil or mischievous intentions?

What are they in such a hurry to do?

What do you think is going on at the house?

Why is there a light on?

Why do you think the characters are surprised to see the light?

> ART linked to HISTORY and maybe using ICT

We have learned that during Victorian times people moved from the countryside to cities. This time was called the Industrial Revolution. The cities were crowded and dirty with factories and smoke. People lived in crowded houses close together.
A man born in Victorian times grew up to be a famous artist: L.S Lowry.

Lowry painted many famous paintings of city and industrial scenes from this time and the years that followed.


Many people talk about how his paintings of people are always thin like matchsticks.

He paints factories, smoke, both the films below of some of his paintings and how he painted them

Enter a Lowry painting to learn more...

Matchstick Men and matchstick cats & dogs--- L.S. Lowry 1887---1976

I would like you to draw or paint (think about the colours carefully) a picture in the style of Lowry.

If you prefer you can log into Purple Mash (Year5) and use the painting and drawing tools in there and then save your work so I can see it.

> PE

Thursday is normally PE with Mr Clarke.

Hopefully you've all being doing the morning workout with Joe?

I have some more PE for you now.

Spend 20 minutes or so trying one or more of the activities below. You can choose from:

  • A new Physical Workout with Joe (in 2 parts)
  • Dances with Go Noodle
  • Yoga
  • Designing your own PE Challenge

Follow the links below to your choice.

Joe Wicks Part 1 of 2

Joe Wicks Part 2 of 2

Dance with Go Noodle 1 of 2

Banana Banana Meatball

Dance with Go Noodle 2 of 2

Small Foot - Do the Yeti


You will need a space where you can sit down and lie down.

Design Your Own PE Challenge

Can you create something like this family?


Find somewhere quiet to relax: you could even sit in the garden smiley and listen to 'Grubby Gertrude' written by, and read by David Walliams.

Sometime before you go to bed find 10-15 minutes to read a book...somewhere quiet. Record it in your orange Reading Diary.

Looking for some additional things to do?

1) Write another short diary entry in your exercise book, at the English end. This is such an historic time it will amazing to look back on in 30 years time. Detail how homeworking feels, what it feels like to be away from the park and friends etc. Explain how you are filling your time.


2) Use the online links on The Year 5 Class page: You know Times Table Rockstars but how about checking out Numbots.....or level up and ask me for a log in to Sumdog....this is a Maths, Reading and Spelling adventure!?

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