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Week 15/3

TUESDAY 16.3.2021


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WALT: identify words with silent letters

Can you find the silent letter spelling words from the Year 5-6 word lists - spellings you need to learn by the end of Y6. There are 20 to find.


Can you think of any other silent letter words you might already include in your writing?


by Miss Saleem


Handwriting and Spelling

  • Carefully form your letters.
  • Make sure you start each letter from the correct starting place and join correctly.
  • Keep the main body of your letters between the grey lines, thinking carefully about the height of your ascenders and the length of your descenders, where needed.
  • Neither should touch the blue line above or below.

WALT: improve the height of ascender letters.


1)  repeat the word several times until you have filled the line.


enlightenedMake sure you have the spelling correct each time - there is nothing worse than practising the wrong spelling several times! frown


2) clarify the definition of each word, if you are unsure, before you use the word in the correct context. Create a sentence of your own, using the word appropriately with the additional skill listed below:


Foreign – Write a sentence with a simile

Island – Write a sentence with a question mark

Knight – Write a sentence with a metaphor

Rhyme – Write a sentence with speech marks

Yacht – Write a sentence with a simile

Grammar and Punctuation

Please use your CGP: Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling workbook and complete:


Silent and unstressed letters page 74 - 75


If you do not have this book with you at home try this:


Click on 'slideshow,' then 'from the beginning' 

- read carefully and follow instructions.

If you wish to practise further:


Drink plenty of fluids - keep hydrated.

Eat a healthy snack.


If you have building blocks at home from a younger sibling, or your own early years, these may come in useful today.

What else could you use to explore volume?

Do your adults have a several Oxo cubes - don't unwrap them, but these might be really useful today!

You may be able to find something better than my suggestions.

WALT: identify and explore - what is volume?


Can you make a bi-colour healthy lunch?

Bi means how many?



Continuing with Evolution.


WALT: identify the different animal kingdoms.

READING for 30 minutes

  • Click on the link for this term's whole class reader.
  • Pig Heart Boy by renowned author Malorie Blackman.
  • Find the last place we read up to.
  • Read for 30 minutes.

Challenge: can you finish at the same place we do in class? surprise

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