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Wednesday 29th April 2020

Miss Kaur’s morning message

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Welcome to Wednesday! 


Plan for today; 

Morning work - TTRS 

English - Chapter 5 / inverted commas

Maths - Fractions 

Art - Saxon Art 

Wellbeing Wednesday - mindfulness activities 

Story - David Walliams - FING

Miss Kaur’s baking skills...

PE with Joe Wicks 

Morning task 

Please log in to Times table Rock stars and spend 10-15 minutes to keep 'refreshing' your times table skills.  


Today we have a duel lesson! 

Part one - comprehension 

Part two - punctuating text 

I would like you to start off by listening to Chapter 5 of How to Train your Dragon and answer the questions below. 

Cressida reads How to Train Your Dragon: Chapters 5 and 6

Chapter 5 and 6 of How to Train Your Dragon. Follow every chapter of the story on YouTube here:

Questions about Chapter 5 and 6

1.Who is Old Wrinkly?

2. What is the one thing Hiccup has got and the tribe needs?

3. What does Old Wrinkly mean when he tells Hiccup that he is “going to have learn to be a hero the hard way”.

4. Why has Hiccup kept his hobby a secret?

5. What might be a better way to train a dragon.

6. How long has the sea dragon been asleep for.

7. Why has the sea dragon been asleep for so long?

8. What is happening now?

9. What do you think will happen next?

Punctuating text

The main task for you to have a go at, is punctuating the text below. 

Most of you will be focusing on the use of inverted commas/speech marks, others will also be including capital letters, full stops, apostrophes and commas. 


I have three options for you to choose from,

Option 1 - for those of you who find adding inverted commas difficult. 

Option 2 - for those who just want to have a go at including inverted commas. 

Option 3 - for those of you who want a real challenge to include ALL the punctuation from the text. 


For those of you who need a reminder of how to include inverted commas, take a look at the BBC video from yesterday again. 



Today we are going to continue working on subtracting fractions, when we subtract, remember that the denominators (bottom numbers) must remain the same, so if you have 2/4 and you need to subtract 1/8. 
You will need to find a common denominator, if you double 2/8 it equals 4/8. 

It is much easier to subtract, as 4/8 - 1/8 = 3/8. 



Please go through the powerpoint presentation and choose the option sheet you would like to complete, you do not need to print the sheet out (the answer page will be at the end of the pdf). 

I have not included an extension today... please email me if you would like one. 


Today we are looking at some Anglo - Saxon Art, there was many different skills that were developed during Anglo-Saxon times, I've included some information for you, and then would like you to have a go at using sketching and fine detail to draw a brooch or belt buckle. These were very common and the amount of detail included reflected the amount of wealth you had in Anglo-Saxon times. 


Examples of Brooches and Belt Buckles 


Wellbeing Wednesday 

During this time, it's really important that you keep positive, I would like you to spend the next 30minutes doing something you love/enjoy. 


Go for a family walk

Play a game outside (if it stops raining) 


Play a board game 

Have a dance 

Write a letter to a friend or grandparent 



Whatever you choose, enjoy! 

Remember I love to know what you've been up to, so please feel free to send me a quick email. 

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