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Wednesday 24th February



►Good morning and today's timetable

Good morning


►Well-being Wednesday (PSHE)

Listen and enjoy the song from Toy Story to get you ready for our Well-being Wednesday lesson.

Follow the 'Well-being Wednesday' lesson with Miss Shepherd

Click the link below for the 'Well-being Wednesday' task.



1- Join in the maths starter with Miss Shepherd.

2- Watch the teaching video and complete the questions for the main part of our lesson.

3 - Stretch your maths brain and have a go at the challenge.

(Purple level maths should be aiming to have a go at the challenge)

Maths starter with Miss Shepherd


►Spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Follow the lesson with Miss Shepherd.

Spelling , punctuation and grammar with Miss Shepherd

Here are our spellings for this week.

We will have our spelling test on Friday.

They are all words that we should be spelling correctly in our work.

said   when    they    went    of     some     come   with   was   very 


suddenly   circle    aeroplane   balloon  invention 



Our lesson today follows the same format as yesterday's lesson. 

1 - Question time! Talking about the questions with an adult.

2 - Sentence time - Improving the sick sentences.

Miss Shepherd explains the English lesson

Today's picture

In this picture the girl's name is Poppy and the dog's name is Jasper.

1. Question time! (Remember this is speaking time, no writing needed)

What do you think it is that Poppy and Jasper have seen?

Can you think of some words that would describe how Poppy is feeling ?

Where do you think Poppy got the aircraft from?

What will happen next?

Where do you think they had planned on going?

Will they reach their destination?

Do you think it’s hard to be a pilot?

Do you think being a pilot is an interesting job?

2. Sentence time.

Improve the sick sentences.

Try and use careful punctuation.

See if you can include an exclamation mark ! and some effective verbs (action words).


The plane went through the sky. It was cloudy. The wind blew.



1 - follow the lesson with Miss Shepherd which introduces food chains and explains the task.

2- use the picture from our text to create 4 carefully drawn and labelled food chains.

Remember the arrow means,


      eaten by



Science with Miss Shepherd

Click on the picture to make it bigger.



Join in the PE lesson today and practise your balancing skills.

Click the link below.



Story time: Winnie Goes Batty

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