Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Today we are learning about Peru's most famous animal, the llama.


Watch the video below and pause it at times to discuss what you are learning together.


Then create a fact file about llamas based on what your child has remembered. You could write it for them to copy or scribe what they say. They could then create a llama picture to illustrate their fact file.

Learning for Kids | Ellie Explorer Learns All About LLAMAS & More! | Educational Videos for Kids



Today we are learning how to write 'k'.


Show your child the 'k' sound and model how to write it. Explain that we say "down the kangaroo's body, curl around his tail and kick out for his leg."


Encourage your child to practise writing the letter until they are confident.


Print off the sheet below or replicate it yourself. As your child to cut and stick or write the letters to label the pictures.



Today we are practising number recognition to 7.


Create number cards on pieces of paper and show the numbers in and out of order to your child. Ask them to shout out the number as you flash it.


Place the number cards on the floor and call out a number. Race your child to who can find it first. Repeat with your child calling the numbers.

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