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Monday 25th January



Good morning and today's timetable

Since this greeting was recorded we have had a substantial amount of snow! If you can, take time today to enjoy the snow .

I'd love to see your 'snowy' photos! Post on 'Seesaw'

Remember all work is now shared on Seesaw.



Choose a quick read for today.

Remember these are to help with your fluency and answering 

different types of questions.

If you see numbers next to the text that is to tell you how many words

you have read.


►Spelling and phonics




You might want to have another watch of the cycling safety video from last week. Below the lesson.

Still image for this video

Click below for some useful words. They will help you with your writing.



Make sure that you join in with the maths starter, with Miss Shepherd. It will help you get ready for the main maths lesson today.


Maths starter for Year 2

Now select the main part of our maths lesson.



Year 2 handwriting


►Topic - Land , air and water.

Today we are starting to look at cars and we are going back in time to find out about the very first cars and how people travelled around before cars were invented.

There are a few different parts to our topic lesson today.

1 - Watch the first video. Go back in time with the Magic Grandad.

2 - Listen to Miss Shepherd's lesson about the first cars and find out what they were like.

3 - Complete the topic work that Miss Shepherd explains at the end of the  lesson.

1 - Watch the video and go back in time with Magic Grandad.

Task explained at the end of the lesson

Still image for this video


►Time for our story

School Updates