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Tuesday 7th July


Good morning year 3 and 4, I hope you are all well and having a good week. Remember any work you do, I love to hear about it and would love to hear from you all before term ends. 

Here is today's timetable:-

CLASS:  3  & 4

Mrs Boyd

WEEK BEGINNING: 06/07/20   Tues  Home Learning SUMMER TERM



Maths –

see your own yr gp star

English/topic – Newsround

 Reading time (15mins)

CREATIVE time – Mental health


PE With Joe

ENGLISH/TOPIC - While we are still in lockdown, we have to follow certain rules and do certain things each day. 

But what about animals?? 

Watch the video below showing you the perfect dog's guide to lockdown!.....

TASK - I would like you to design a poster for a lockdown guide for any of the following:-





enlightenedany other household pet!

You can use lists, sentences, illustrations - or you could even film it! 

As always, I'd love to see your work. 



CREATIVE TIME - Mental health: Five creative self-care ideas

We've been hearing a lot at the moment about how to keep our bodies healthy - washing our hands more and social distancing.

But it's also really important to look after our mental health too.


Self-care is one way to do this - that just means looking after ourselves and finding ways we can make ourselves feel better.

Follow the link below and watch 5 creative ideas for mental self-care.

TASK - choose one of the 5 ideas and set them up for yourself. 

Which one appeals to you? 

yes make a 'self-soothe' box

yes Set up a journal - to keep jotting down feelings when you want to

yes plant some seeds and watch them grow

yes make a list of things to look forward to

yes try colour 'breathing'

STORYTIME - Danny The Champion of the World

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