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Tuesday 31st March 2020

Photo updates from Year 4

Good Morning Year 4

Please click the link above to hear our daily timetable

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well, I am really missing all of you and am loving the fact that so many children have taken the time to email in or asked their parents to do so for them! I have been very grateful to those of you who have said that the voice clips have helped, I'm going to continue to do them (even though I think I sound TERRIBLE!), as I know it's helping smiley

So, I hope you're ready to learn! I've got an exciting day planned. 


Our plan for today is: 

Maths - Division

English - Reading comprehension

PE - gymnastics challenge  

Art - creative thinking

Story time - Choose your own story for 15minutes


I hope that you enjoy the learning, please remember to start your day with the Joe Wicks PE lesson and end it with a diary entry about home learning. 

For example, mine today (Monday) would say 

'Dear Diary, 

Today I realised that this may last longer than a few weeks... As I am sure that many of the children in the class are starting to realise too. 

Learning from home, working from home, going into a very quiet school building is all new changes, this is going to be the new normal for now. That means my family being around ALL the time, lots of phone calls in different rooms for work, finding a QUIET space to do my home learning audio files and videos!

I hope that everyone I know stays safe and that we can return to our 'normal' soon...' 



Please go through the powerpoint slides below, and then complete the varied fluency sheet below. 

Parents please be aware, your child is allowed to choose which sheet they would like to do, option 1 - red star, option 2 - blue star or option 3 - yellow star. 


If you would like a further challenge, there is some reasoning and problem solving questions to complete aswell. Again, they may choose which option they would like to complete. There is also an fun challenge problem for those who want it! 


I am sorry, but these sheets are not in your child's learning pack. You do not need to print the sheets out. 


PE with Joe Wicks



For those of you who tried to guess the story yesterday, it was a..... CINDERELLA story. 



Today I would like you to listen to the story being told and answer the questions below.... 


Answer these questions in full sentences; please watch your spelling and punctuation.


  1. Who stole Rhodopis and from where?

  2. What was Rhodopis in Egypt?

  3. Why did Rhodopis look different than the other girls?

  4. What did Horus bring Pharaoh Amasis, and what was it a sign of?

  5. Why did Amasis say Rhodopis was the most Egyptian of all?



Choose one of these questions to write a paragraph about?

(Remember a paragraph is 5 or 6 sentences long and that you have used the question to answer the question in your paragraph)

  1. How does The Egyptian Cinderella compare to our traditional Cinderella story? How are they similar and different?

  2. This Cinderella story is the oldest known to historian, and it is thought the story was first told in Ancient Egypt. Could this story be true? Why or why not?

The Egyptian Cinderella

By Shirley Climo / illustrated by Ruth Heller



As Tuesday would normally be your PE day with Mr Clarke, he and I have a challenge for you... 

This term you have been doing gymnastics and he has taught you lots of specific gymnastic terms, including;

tuck, pike, straddle, dish, arch, front support, back support, star and straight. 


We would like you to create your own routine using as many of these as possible and if you can, send it in to use to see! 


To make it harder for those of you who want it... can you add in a balance or jump? 



I have attached a picture to remind you of what the words mean, just in case you need it. 



This year you have all grown so much, and changed so much as individuals. I have loved seeing how much you have grown and matured this year... 


For today's lesson I want you to think about what make you, you.... 


What do you like? 

What do you love? 

Who is part of your life? 

Where do you like going? 


All of these things make up you as a person... I then want you to reflect that in a self portrait of yourself, 

I have found some examples of how you might want to do this




These are only suggestions of how you might show you :) 

Have fun, be creative and show all the things that make you, you!

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