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WEDS 25/3

So proud of your excellent efforts Year 5! Thank you for your regular emails.
A big shout out to those of you who did yesterday's Computing work and saved their firework display: Sebbie, Amelia, Kaeden, Albion, Brendan, Lois, Liam, Gracie-Mae, Joshua, Joseph, Jakub and Ollie!

The high quality of your double bubble map History work can be seen in the photos below from: Albion, Lois, Ollie, Jakub and Georgia:

Keep up the excellent work and keep in touch. smiley

Wednesday's Welcome - click to hear

> Wake Me Up Workout
> Maths
> English
> PSHE - Art and Science
> Story
> WAKE ME UP WORKOUT - Live from 9am


In your folder please find your Home Learning Pack Year 5

Please do Column 13 - Multi-Step Problems - Numbers 1a and 2a


There is a video below with some tips if you are stuck.


Ask a grown-up to check or mark your own work using the answers below.


Main Maths Lesson

From your work folder find the sheet called Column addition Sheet 1

It looks like this:

Do this work in your exercise book at the Maths end.

Look down the additions.  Decide which will have the largest answer. Make a note of it.

Decide which will have the smallest answer.  Make a note of it. 

Now find each total. Watch out!  They do not all need column addition.
If you can do them mentally write a number sentence. If you cannot do them mentally write a column addition.


Get a grown-up to check or mark them yourself using the answers below.


In your folder please find the worksheet called Autumn Term: Workout 1

It looks like this:

Please do the left hand and right hand side of the sheet (Questions 1-6). You can do it either on the sheet or in your exercise book on a new page at the English end.


There are some tips below to help you if you are stuck.


Get a grown-up to check or use the answers below to mark your work.



Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister announced strict new rules for everybody to help keep us safe as we beat the Coronavirus. He said EVERYBODY must do their bit to help. If we all do our bit then we will beat it.

Read the article below on the Newsround website to see what he had to say: or click to hear me read it to you.

Click to hear

There are lots of stories that share the message about what a huge difference people can make to things if they all work together and all do their bit. Below is one of my favourite ones: 'Stone Soup'. Sit somewhere quiet, relax and click below to hear the story. Think about the message the story gives and how it links to the news story. Maybe you can share your thoughts with a grown-up?
There is a trend sweeping the country right now: children everywhere are putting up pictures of rainbows in their windows to show we are all in this together and to spread hope. Click below to read about it on the BBC website.


Can you create a picture of a rainbow....any way you display in a window? Do you know what colours are in a rainbow and in what order? Perhaps you had better find out enlightened. Could you send me a photo of it?


You can make their very own rainbow with light, a glass of water, and a piece of paper! Hopefully it's sunny today and you can try this or you can use a torch. If you succeed I would love to see a photo.

What You Need:
A glass of water
A sheet of white paper
A sunny day or a torch




  • Fill the glass almost to the top with water.
  • If you are using sunlight, find a window where the sun is shining in and place the glass so that it is half on and half off the edge of a low table (BE VERY CAREFUL), and so that the sun shines directly through the water, onto a sheet of white paper on the floor.
  • Adjust the paper and the glass until a rainbow forms on the paper.
  • If you are using a torch, place the glass of water on the white piece of paper in a dark room, and move the torch around until you see a rainbow on the piece of paper


Light is made up of many colours, and when it passes through water, it is broken up into the other colours seen in a rainbow.

Sometime before you go to bed find 10-15 minutes to read a book...somewhere quiet. Record it in your orange Reading Diary.

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