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It's Thursday and we've got a great day ahead! 

Here is today's timetable:-


Mrs Boyd and Mrs Brewster

WEEK BEGINNING:  27/04/20             Thursday

 Home Learning SUMMER TERM wk2

8.40 – 9.00

9.00 - 9.30

9.30 – 10.30

10.30 -10.50

10.50 - 12

12– 1

1.00 – 2.50


English  skills – present perfect tense


PE with

Joe Wicks – follow link on youtube

English/topic – information researching for ICT session


Maths – problem solving Fractions


 Reading time (15mins)

 Times tables –

TT rockstars

ICT – typing up research on Endangered animal



Check your plants! 

1. Water them

2. Draw and write what the covered one looks like

3. Cover it back up 

Look at the sentences in the document below. Change them to the present perfect tense (you can just say them aloud to an adult to check they are correct!)

ENGLISH/TOPIC/ICT - Like last week, I would like you to choose a DIFFERENT endangered animal from one of the choices on the image under ICT (scroll down). You will be typing up your research this afternoon on the Purple Mash sheet, so you might want to have a good look at that first to see what you want to find out. I have included some copies of 2 animals I have always found interesting, but you can choose for yourself. GOOGLE and find out about the creature, jot down notes ready for ICT. 

ICT - Writing about an endangered animal from your research in English. From your notes gathered this morning, now write about your chosen endangered animal from The Rainforest.

Chapter 17 - Fantastic Mr Fox

Fantastic Mr Fox - FINAL CHAPTER!!!!

This is the last chapter, I will start a new book on Monday - any ideas year 3?

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