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Tue 5/5


Good Morning Year 1 laugh


 I hope you all had a fabulous day yesterday and managed to complete some super work with your grown-ups. I just wanted to mention, I am loving the beautiful pictures of your topic work from yesterday, some of you could be tree experts in the future! Super job spotting the evergreen and deciduous trees. yes


I am glad some of you enjoyed the star wars joke from yesterday, Lola and Gorge thought it was really funny too! I was at school yesterday teaching the children who needed to be at school so their grown-ups can carry on being key workers so George decided he would come along to see the classroom and tidy it he thinks I am messy! (Cheeky giraffe!). We decorated biscuits today with icing and different sweets in the afternoon as a treat for working so hard all morning and completing our home learning. George really enjoyed this and joined in!





Tuesday timetable

Click to listen to Miss Martin reading through today's timetable

Morning work:  In your yellow books, can you complete these 15 subtraction problems:


Phonics:  In your letters and sounds booklet please go back to page 16. You have to read the decodable hight frequency words to your grown-ups. Remember practice makes perfect! smiley


There are some great interactive games on the phonics play website for children to play and revise their phonetic skills. Currently, the website is free for parents to sign up to if you log in using the user name: march 20 and the password: home.


You could also play some different phonics games at a


I am pleased that so many of you in your email updates have been saying you have been accessing the phonics play and ICT games websites, well done!yes

English: Today, we are going to begin writing the story of the 'Tiny seed' in our own words. We are going to write this over two days so please do not rush or feel like you have to write lots today. Remember to look at your story map from yesterday to help you with your ideas.


Today I would like you to try and write up the parts of the story for the seasons of Autumn and Winter. Remember to do your best Year 1 writing and remember to make it interesting by using lots of describing words so that when somebody reads it they want to carry on reading!


Remember to include:


Here is a video of the 'Tiny seed' to help you if you think you might have forgotten something from your story maps.



The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle


Reading:  Make sure you read a book today or have a grown-up read you a story.  If you have read all your reading books from school, you can read some of the phonetically decodable comics online.These can be found at


Also David Walliams (A well known childrens author) has given you the opportunity every day to reveice a short audio book from his collection of short stories from his book 'The World’s Worst Children!' You can access these at :

These are uploaded after 11am daily, but you can still access the earlier ones of you go on before then.

Maths starter: Our starter today is  about counting in groups of 2, 5 and 10. To warm our brains up and to practice, I would like you to watch this short video and sing/dance and join in with the counting.

Workout & Count | Skip Count by 2's, 5's and 10's | Count Backwards | Jack Hartmann

Count by 2's, 5's, 10's, odd numbers as well as skip count forward and backwards in this interactive learning video.

Maths: Today I would like you to complete the sheets for counting in 10s 'How much money in my jar' and 'How much money in my jar 2'. To help you complete these sheets you could ask your grown-up to borrow some 10p coins to help you count.


To count in 10p it is the same as counting in 10s. for every 10p you have you add an extra 10.


This is what a 10p coin looks like:


To help you remember how to count in 10s watch this short video clip before completing the task:

The Skip Counting by 10 Song


Bonus maths work: For all you keen mathematicians (and I know there is a few of you!)  Carol Vorderman has now made her activities free to home learners too! Aren't we lucky! Make sure you access the explorer level which is for Key stage 1 children.


Create a login, then access the parent zone or pupil zone for maths topics, games and fun! There's plenty of virtual rewards and you can keep a track on how you are doing.


Or you can play some interactive maths games on the ictgames website.

Art: Today for our Art lesson we are going to be looking at the things we can see out of our windows.


Today, I would like you to look out of your window, what can you see? Can you see any flowers? Are they in pots, Hanging baskets or in the ground? Can you see any of the trees we talked about yesterday in our Topic lesson? Can you see some grass? Is the sky a lovely blue with lots of fluffy clouds? Is it raining and grey?


In your yellow books or on a seperate piece of paper, I would like you to draw what you can see when you look out of your window. To do this start by drawing your window frame and then inside that draw the things you can see. You could use paints, chalk, crayons, pencil crayons, felt tips or anything you have at home to create your picture.


If you are using paints, do you need to mix any of the colours to make new ones? There is a colour mixing chart below to help you decide which colours you need to mix incase you have forgotten.




Here is a few examples of today's task so you can see what I would like you do complete. Make it as big and colourful as you want to. I would really love to see your finished Artwork! Don't forget to send me an email with a picture of it! laugh



End of the day story:    The story I have chosen today is one that we have read a few times in class. It is 'Elmer in the snow'. Written by David Mckee.



Elmer in the snow

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