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Tuesday 12th May

Buenos dias! Good Morning fab Year 2!

Try keeping up with this syllable clapping song! It will really wake you up this morning!!!



1.Spelling - Today we are going to add two more Year 2 words to our spellings for this week ,

make sure you have another practise of Monday's words too , ready for a test at the end of the week.

Monday's words               Today's words

old                                       money (if you can spell money then you can spell honey!)

cold                                      only




2.Handwriting- Complete page 32 in the handwriting booklet. This is handwriiting practise but also goes over some phonics by reminding you of the ways to make the long e sound.

3. Question Marks - Watch the short video to remind yourself about question marks and question sentences.

Click below.

Question sentences

If you met the old man who gives James the bag of green things in the story, James and the Giant Peach, what questions would you ask him? Write 10 in your book. Choose from the question words and write a question sentence  with a      ?

What     Why    How     When      Where       Who      Which


Here's my question. Make sure you have a capital letter and a question mark. Put each one on a new line.


What is your name ?

What would you ask the old man?


Today we are going to continue with our money work.

We are going to look at how we can make the same amount in different ways.

Look at the pictures below. They show making 4p and 5p in different ways.

Look at how the same amount is made in different ways.

Now watch the short video this shows some of the different ways of making 40p.

Click on the link below.


Choose one of the pieces of work.


Choice 1 - If you are quite confident at money work click on the link below and work through the questions in your exercise book  , this worksheet is also printable.

Maths choice 1 - click on the link for the questions.

Maths choice 2 

If you feel that you still need practise with money have a go at making 20p in different ways. Try and find at least 6 ways. Use coins to help you.

Look at my example for 10p but  remember you are going to make 20p.

Maths choice 2


This art work is like a doodle of flowers! Look at all the different colours and shapes. It is really easy to create your own version!

1. You will only need half a piece of A4 paper.

2. Draw some different size circles on the paper.

3. In each one draw different flower shapes . Look at the picture for ideas.

4.  Go crazy with your colours!

5.  Fill in the background.


Challenge Time!

Make a tower of books on 4 pieces of paper!

All you need is 4 sheets of paper , sellotape and some books.

I had great fun doing this at home!

Look at my photos to show you what to do.


How many books will you get in your tower before it falls down?

I will show you my tower on Wednesday!

Happy building!!!

How many books will you manage to have in your tower?

James and the giant peach . Chapter 17.

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