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Tuesday 2nd June

Hello everybody! Click the audio to listen to the message.

PE With Joe | Tuesday 2nd June. Start your day with Joe and get your body and brain working!

Join in with Miss Shepherd's favourite assembly song . Wake up..........


Here is another version of our story The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Click on the link below and read the story.

Then look at the tasks  , remember to choose the correct class.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff story on powerpoint.

English Tasks
Foundation Stage - . Today we are going to match the key words form the story to pictures. Click on the pencil below for the sheet. If you can't print the sheets then it is fine  to write the words and either ask the children to draw pictures to go with the words or write the words and draw pictures for the children to match.


Year 1 and 2 - You are going to think carefully about the story and the characters , the setting(where the story takes place) , what the problem is(think about the goats and why they can't cross the bridge) and the solution (how it ends and how the problem is solved.). 

Click on the link below . You can either print this sheet off or ask an adult to draw it in your exercise book.

In each part I would like you to write a sentence/sentences to explain each element of the story  and draw a very  careful picture.

Here are some useful words

three      goats       small     medium     big      sized        bridge     troll      valley     hills      grass     eaten   field       charges     water    horns   

These sentence starters might help you

The characters in the story are................

The setting of the story is...............

The problem in the story is .................

The solution is ........................


Year 1 and 2 English sheet

Two Science Ideas

See if you would like to have a go at one of these activities or both!

1- Watch the video about sound and then see if you can make your own string phones. 

2 - Shadow fun!

Something fun to have a go at . Make your own string phone! Adult support and guidance needed!

Make your own phones.

Shadow Fun! Hopefully it is going to be another sunny day today. Can you make shadows with your body? You can even use toys to make shadows and draw around them on a piece of paper like the little boy is with his dinosaurs. Talk about how shadows are made or watch the short video below which explains all about shadows.

Why do I have a shadow?

It's storytime .The Giant Jumperee | Julia Donaldson (author of The Gruffalo) Another great story to listen to!

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