Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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1- Practise your spellings for this week.

Here are all the words for our test on Friday.

Make sure that you practise them everyday.


after       again        any        climb      clothes        half       sugar     water


2 - Handwriting

Choose a handwriting sheet in your handwriting booklet that you haven't yet completed. Make sure you do it neatly and carefully.


3- Apostrophes for possession

How did you get on with the apostrophe work yesterday?

Today we are going to remind ourselves of a different way that apostrophes can be used.  These are called 'possessive apostrophes' which means apostrophes to show belonging or ownership.

Don't worry if you find this tricky , it is ! Many older children still find this hard but it is something that  we have to learn about in Year 2.

Below is a lesson for you to follow. You will need your exercise book and a pencil so that you can jot things down and follow the task. Remember you can pause the video when you need to.

( parents/carers - we only learn about singular possession in Year 2 )

Year 2 Apostrophe for Possession

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