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Today we are learning to the Story of Easter.

I have attached a video to watch together below:

Talk about the story and why it is important to Christians.

Ask your child about why it is important to be a loyal friend and record what they say in their home learning book.


Phonics: Today we will be learning the sound ‘oi’. Please look on Tapestry for the video which I have created to model the writing of the sound and practise reading and writing the suggested words.

Maths: Today we will be talking about 2-d (flat) shapes. Take your child on a shape hunt looking for shapes in your house. You could look for squares, rectangles, circles, triangles pentagons and hexagons. Complete the 2D counting and adding sheet attached below OR draw the shapes in your child’s home learning book and ask children to name items that they have spotted which match them.


The Christian Story of Easter | Religions of the World

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