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Thursday 14th May

Good Morning Team!

You are nearly at the end of another home learning week. Well Done!

Keep on working hard and remember if you don't fit everything in it doesn't matter. You can always go back to the the things you have missed.

Have a lovely day.


A lovely song to get the day started , one of my favourites!



Money challenge

Click on the voice clip and have a go at the questions.

Listen to the questions and think about the answers. They're not tricky , I promise!

Main part of lesson

First you will need to watch the video as this links to the questions.

Then click on the questions. You can print these off if you have a printer. Don't worry if you don't, you can work through the questions in your exercise book, jotting down your answers or talk through each question with a grown-up and discuss your answers.

If you need a hundred square there is one on page 38 of your booklet.

Year 2 Summer Term Lesson - Adding and Subtracting Tens

Maths Questions. You can print this off or work through the questions in your exercise book or talk through your answers with a grown-up.


1 . Spelling  

Spend some time practising the Year 2 spelling words for this week. Remember you will be tested on these tomorrow. 

old           cold          gold          told         hold         money     

only           every          everybody        plant

2 . Improving a description

 Today we are going to try and make a short description more interesting and effective by changing  words and putting in some adjectives (describing words). Remember we call this editing.You might even be able to add a question and a conjunction. First you will need to click on the link below. Look at the picture of the man and read the short description underneath. When you read it you might think that it is a bit boring! 

I would like you to write it again but try to make it much better.

If you click on my voice clip you will my ideas for making it a better description , if you want to you can use my ideas to help you.

Click here to read the description and look at the picture.

Listen to the description being read and listen to how I change it.

Managing our emotions (feelings)

I think that lots of us are having lots of different feelings during this very strange time of not being able to be at school or see our friends and some of our families. 

The BBC online lesson below talks through feeling angry and how to manage feeling angry and ways that we might be able to calm ourselves down. 

Click on the link and scroll down through the different parts of the lesson.


Try and find time to read a book on Oxford Owl today.

Click on the link below

username - best

password - class

Go to the bookshelf and choose a book to read from ages 5 - 6 , 6-7 or 7-8.

James and the Giant Peach the whole of chapter 18 read by a different storyteller.

School Updates