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Wednesday 20th May

Hello Year 2!


1.Spelling Each week we are practising spelling the words that are on the Year 2 list.

Here are today's words for you practise. Make sure that you have another practise of the words that we started to learn on Monday and Tuesday.


Today's words

bath       path       both


Monday's and Tuesday's words

most      past       last  


move     prove       improve


2- Reading comprehension

Click on the link below and read the non-fiction text about spiders. Then answer the questions in your exercise book. The last page shows the answers so when you have finished you can check your work.

When you are doing the last question please give a reason 

Yes because ............................

No because...............................

Click here to for the reading comprehension about spiders.


Starter - Get that maths brain ready , click on the voice clip and see if you can shout out the answers!

Click here for the maths starter , get that maths brain working!


Today's lesson is all about related facts. 

Remember to watch the teaching video below , have a pencil and bit of paper ready as you may need to jot things down.

Teaching video related facts

Maths questions. These can be printed off or worked through in your exercise book or you can discuss the questions and answers with a grown-up.


This week we are going to do some more coding on Purple Mash.

Click on tools

Scroll down to coding

Click on 2GO (the one with the bee)

This week click on - Make my own

You can select a background by clicking on the Clipart picker, the icon with the triangle,tree,apple and house.

Once you have chosen a background click on OK.

You can change the bee by clicking on the little circle that is on the top of it.

You can change the colour of your pen too by clicking on the pens.

See if you can draw a square , a rectangle or some capital letters.

username - children2

password - thythorn



This week our music lesson is all about the harmonica.

Click below .

Joe Wicks reads a story.

Have you been joining in with Joe Wicks and his PE lessons?

Well here he is again, but this time reading a bedtime story, it's very short but quite funny!

Click below.

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