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►Timetable for our day blush


Every day I will set out a simple timetable to reflect how you might want to structure your day so that it is similar to a school day. 


Wednesday 6th January 2021


Please remember you can email me ( with pictures or for support through the day and I will help where I can, or use your feedback to help improve my teaching online.

► Daily starter 

On a sheet of paper have a go on at these times table questions...




11 and 12 times-table

♦BLUE - Need extra help?

Click on the video below for help from me (Miss Kaur)  😊

Main task talk through

Still image for this video
Miss Kaur to the rescue!
I’ll help remind you of the skills you need to answer each question.

♦PURPLE - Challenge Question/Mini extension 


►Reading Skills Task 

Watch the video below for the prediction task 😊

Mystery story prediction task

Still image for this video



I have recorded myself delivering the lesson for you, please click on the video to find out what today's English lesson will bring. 

Iron Man Adjectives Lesson

English Lesson explained by Miss Kaur


►Class read/Story Time

The Christmasaurus part 2 - Miss Kaur

Another clip of me reading our Christmas story ending.


►Design and Technology

Explanation for Design and Technology

Click on the 'play' button to hear the instructions for today's lesson

The best place to live has all the things we need to survive and thrive in as humans. 

Draw an aerial map (just like the one below),



Showing your own map and how it would be the most wonderful place to live


Include the things that matter to you, ie hospital, houses, parks etc. 

Here are examples of how it may look 

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