Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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This week we are going to be looking at a story about a little girl and her favourite toy which is a blue kangaroo. it is called 'I love you blue Kangaroo' and I have chosen this story because we are learning about Australia at the moment in Topic and Kangaroo's live there.


First, I would like you to watch the video of the story below, once you have done this, I would like you to talk to your grown up's about what happened in the story and in which order. remember to use the words 'First, next, after that, after, finally. Once you have discussed this with your grown-up can you draw the order of a few pictures in your Yellow books or you can print and cut out the attached pictures in the document below the video.


I hope you like the story laugh

I love you blue kangaroo - a lovely story by Emma Chichester Clark.

Pictures to print and sequence if you can - if not just draw them in the correct order in your books

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