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Wednesday 25th March 2020

Good Morning Year 4

A trial run to share the plan for our day!

Wednesday 25th March 

Well done to all of you who have been working your socks off from home! 
I've been really impressed with the work you have done.... 


I have a request for you today... 

I have seen two 'home classrooms' this week so far, and I would love to see the space you have made for your learning. Please take a pic (you can be IN or OUT) of your learning space :) 


Thank you to all of you who have emailed me already, I will be posting pictures at the bottom of the page to show your friends what you've been up to during this time (if you missed the ones from yesterday/Tuesday, please take a look!) 


Today we have lots of learning to do; 

Maths - Times table rock stars / multiplying using a formal method 

English - Draft your newspaper report about the discovery of Tutankhamun 

Science - What animals eat? 

Computing - Create a graph 

Story time - World’s Worse Children 2  ‘Spoilt Brad’ by David Walliams (


I hope that you enjoy the learning, please remember to start your day with the Joe Wicks PE lesson and end it with a diary entry about home learning. 

For example, mine today would say 

'Dear diary, 

Day two of the new teaching and learning style... I decided to try something new, audio clips. Which are strange and actually very hard to get perfect. Mr Hill enjoyed laughing at how horrified I am of how I sound on audio clips! However, I'm sure he's secretly glad he's not doing them.' 

PE with Joe Wicks


Clip one to explain the lesson for today :)

English 2

Please continue to listen for more help creating your draft.
This work should be completed on the line paper provided. Thanks

Newspaper report example from audio clip


Many people are in awe of the ancient treasures from Egypt. The most famous collection ever found was that of Tutankhamun, in the Valley of the Kings. Go back in time to 1922, and to the archaeologist Howard Carter who was working tirelessly searching for a missing tomb. 


Remember you are thinking about

- What is your newspaper report about? 

- Where and when did it happen? 

- How was the tomb found? 

- What did the eyewitness see/hear and feel? 

- What does this mean for the future? 


Good luck and enjoy! 


Maths learning video

Still image for this video
Please see the attached for today's lesson.

Maths activities


Option 1 

84 x 9 

96 x 7 

55 x 8

121 x 3 

136 x 6 

214 x 4 


Option 2 

Complete any 6 questions from the 'Multiplying 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers' sheet. 


Option 3 

Complete any 10 questions from the 'Multiplying 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers' sheet.  



Today in Science we are going to recap the different foods that animals eat, first I would like you to watch the video 'What do animals eat?' ( to help you remember all about the different types of animals groups you can have. 

I would then like you to complete the 'What animals eat' sheet in your pack 

Please also have a go at the investigation. 


As an extension (as the weather is planning to be so beautiful), maybe go outside and take some pictures of different animals or have a go at sketching them! 



For today's lesson I would first like you to go outside (in your garden) and search around for different animals/creatures you can find. You may want to create a tally chart (see below)  to show the different animals you have found. 


e.g. Tally chart 

Animal Number found 
Cat  II
Ladybird II




Once you have found as many as you can, log into Purple Mash (using your individual log ins if possible) and complete the 2Graph bar chart/pie chart of what you have found (I have set it as your 2do).  

Please find the link to Purple Mash below.

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