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Today we are going to look at the consonant blend st .

A consonant blend is when 2 or more consonants are blended together but each sound is heard in the blend.

Consonant blend - st

Listen to your grown-up say these words and have a go at writing them.

Remember to segment the words into their sounds to help you spell them.


stop          fast

stem         best

step          mast

stool         fist

stuff        lost


Today we are going to do some estimating.

( For parents - Estimating means roughly calculating a number or value.

Children begin estimating in the Foundation Stage by being asked to to guess how many there are , by using their existing knowledge to make an educated assumption  , a good way to explain this is to call it a 'clever guess'   After making an estimate they check the objects to see how close they are.)

Below is a short video  by an EYFS teacher  for children about estimation.

Please ignore the dates etc. but it is a useful start to this concept.

After you have watched the lesson , have a go at the task which the teacher explains at the end.


EYFS - Estimation Lesson 1

Talking about estimation

How many do you think there are? Why do you think that?
Will it be more or less than 20? A lot more/less? Or a little more/less?
Will it be between 15 and 20? A little or a lot more than this? Or less than this?
How many can you see? How many do you think are hidden?
Was your guess more or less than the actual count?

Can you write your estimate on a post-it note?

Can you see your number on the number track? 


This week we are going to write a diary about the things that we have done.So we are going to start today and think about what we did yesterday on Sunday.

 Write Sunday as a heading and underneath write your sentence about what you did yesterday. Say your sentence aloud and have a go at spelling the words using your phonics to help you.

Here is an example.

I went to the park on my bike.


smileyTry and use a capital letter , full stop and finger spaces.

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