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Speaking and Listening

Being able to speak clearly, with confidence and understand spoken language is a vital part of early education. 


Even as very young babies, children are learning all about language. Doing things like nursery rhymes, songs and having long conversations with your child will help to develop those skills that will be needed later in reading and writing. In these days of mobile phones, and social media it is really important that parents spend time having conversations with their children, sharing books, discussing preferences and talking about experiences. Through this, children will soon develop a vocabulary consisting of of tens of thousands of words. 


Should my child pronounce words correctly?

All children go through stages of learning how to say words. 3-year-olds often can't say certain sounds -like 'g' or 'th' but this usually develops by the age of 5. If there are difficulties with hearing or pronouncing sounds, it can affect children's progress in phonics. 


Should my child speak grammatically?

We are expected to teach children to speak and write 'Standard English'. This is the language of business that people use in the work place. It is helpful if children know the correct past tense words: 

no   I brought (not I brung);

no   I drew a picture (not I drawed)

no   We were singing (not we was singing) 


There are also some Leicester ways of talking that are non-standard, which we correct pupils on:

  Can I go toilet?  - Can I go to the toilet?


How does Thythorn develop speaking skills?

Most lessons have a discussion part. In some, children put up their hand to speak; other times, teachers ask specific questions to specific children. We use talk partners and small group discussions, particularly with older pupils to develop their speaking skills. Each term, there are some opportunities to take part in activities such as presentations or speaking in front of the class, joining in with special assemblies, talent shows or drama activities. 



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