Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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Today we are thinking about what plants need to grow. Have a conversation with your child about how we can keep plants healthy and thriving.


Once you have had you conversation, check if you are correct by watching the video below and record your understanding using the worksheet. 


If you do not have a printer, you could draw pictures and write labels for your child to sequence. 


If you have the resources at home, plant a seed in a pot and start a diary of how it grows and develops over the next few weeks. You could document how you have been taking care of it, how tall it is, how many leaves and buds you see etc. I would love to see pictures.

How to Plant a Seed: A How-To Book

An informational digital story about planting seeds.



Today we are learning the sound 'er’ as in better. 


Please go on Tapestry to find my handwriting video and suggested words and sounds to read and write.



Today we are continuing our work on symmetry by making symmetrical pictures. 


Below is a picture of a butterfly that you can either print or replicate in you child's book.


Ask them to colour the picture to make it symmetrical

For en extra challenge, ask them to design their own butterfly:

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