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Monday 11th May

Some photos for you. Look at my carrot top. It's about 3cm long now! Here is my cat Rolo , he is doing his favourite thing , SLEEPING !

It's Monday! Hello team!

Click below to start the day with a Spanish lesson and the Supermovers!


1. Spelling This week we are going to continue to practise the Year 2 words. Here are five words to start with for today. They all have the letters old which is also a word on its own. So once you know how to spell old you should be able to learn the other words easily.

old        cold          gold        hold        told

2. Compound Words  Today we are going to remind ourselves about compound words. Remember a compound word is two separate words that have been pushed together to make a new word.

Watch the clips below for a reminder , there are also some quick games to have a go at.

Compound words -short task.

Can you match two words to make a compound word? Remember there should not be a space in the middle of the word.I've done the first one for you.                black + berry = blackberry





Make the compound words. Remember to click on the picture to make it clearer and bigger.

3. Reading

Today we are going to read a short extract from Chapter 3 of James and the Giant Peach and then answer the questions by using our reading comprehension skills. You will need to click on the link below to see the text and questions.

If you would like a little extra help you can also listen to the text and questions being read before you start by clicking on the voice clip.

In your book write the number of the question and your answer next to it, when it says choose one then copy the answer you think is correct. Remember to keep going back to the text. You don't need to write full sentences just the answer.

Click on the book for the answers.

Extra reading help. Listen to the text and questions being read aloud.

Reading Comprehension. Click here for text and questions.


Today we are going to continue with some money work , thinking about the coins and notes needed to make amounts.

If you are using the questions on the screen then you won't be able to circle the coins and notes when a question asks you to. Instead you can tell a grown-up which coins and notes you would choose , or draw the coins and notes in your book.

Prinable maths sheet, for those with a printer.

Maths help - listen to some extra explaining of the maths questions.

Maths Questions- Remember if you click on the picture it makes it clearer to see.

Science Fun!

You will need a grown-up to help you carry out this task.

In our maths work we have been learning about money. Have you noticed that some 1p and 2p coins are shiny and some are brown and dull? Look at my photo below.

Look at the coins. Can you see the difference between the shiny 1p and 2p and the brown,dull 1p and 2p ?

Why do these coins go brown?

One pence and two pence coins are made of a metal called copper. They all start off shiny but  when copper is exposed to oxygen it will corrode (turn brown) . The brown coating is called patina.  Over time, copper changes from its shiny  colour to a darker brown shade.

yesChallenge Timeyes

Can you clean some brown coins so that they get shinier?

What will clean them the best?

What to do

You will need some brown 1p and 2p coins.

Decide what different things you could try and clean them with, these are called substances. Here are some ideas , milk , washing up liquid , salt in water , vinegar , lemon juice , ketchup, fizzy drink, shampoo ,water     etc.

Put each coin in a bowl or cup with enough of the substance to cover it. Then leave for at least 30 minutes or more.

After this time take them out and rinse them with water and rub them dry with a towel.

Talk and observation time

Look carefully , are any of the coins cleaner? Which substance worked the best? Is there any difference?

Talk about what has happened. Does scrubbing the coins help?

Take a photo and to show your results.




A story for today. We will continue with James and the giant peach tomorrow.

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