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World Book Day Thur 4/3




Good Morning Year 6! It's Thursday and it's World Book Day!.mp3

It's World Book Day so it's time to get reading!

Get disguising, get rehearsing and get recording.

See if you can find the most unusual place to record your story!




8:20 - 8:50 a.m. This morning, I would like you to spend the first 30 minutes deciding on which book you are going to read for 3-5 minutes for your recording as:                       

                                               The Masked Reader.


It should be a book which is special to you. Maybe your favourite childhood book, or a book from your favourite author. Your final recording carried out in an unusual place will be no more than 3 minutes or so.


8:50 - 9:15 a.m. Find your favourite event in the book - rehearse it and make sure the part you have chosen is about 3 minutes long. I would like you to practise reading it until you are clear and audible.


  • Practise your intonation and animated expression.
  • Practise your accuracy and oracy.
  • Practise pauses and breathstaking note of the punctuation.
  • Deliver your excerpt in a lively and engaging way.
  • Read it to your favourite teddy, to the dog or to the cat! laugh


9:15 - 10:00 a.m. This morning is all about rehearsal.

Practise reading out loud to yourself. 

Would you want to listen to your voice? 

Would you want to read on and find out more?


  • When you are confident - I would like you to read out loud to an adult so that you have an audience.
  • Record yourself on a device. Do you sound like you? Quite often we don't recognise our own voice.
  • Ask your audience to give you 3 tips or ways to improve.
  • Practise, rehearse and record again. Have you improved?


You have until Monday 8th to submit your recording to me on Seesaw or via e-mail. It doesn't all have to be finished to day.

You will need time to work on your mask. You can create your own.

When recording your final version at home you may want to use a face disguise filter or a voice changer on your device if available.

You may want to create an outfit or props.







   Can you deliver your recording as a poem?

   Maybe as a rap?

   Let's listen to MC Grammar refer to some childhood books - your                   favourite might be included:

The World Book Day Song by MC Grammar



   You can complete the maths activities today and tomorrow.

   There are a lot of calculations to do to solve the mystery!

Lewis T-S, you asked for an 'Escape Room' activity - how about an Escape Library? cool


Click on the link, select 'slideshow', and then the tab: 'from the beginning.'

Here are your clue cards to help you solve the maths clues and calculation - but more importantly, to help you escape the library!


Are you a super problem solver?


If you run out of time, we will be completing this the final clues in tomorrow's maths lesson.


Here is the first clue - for fast finishers. 

I will post the answers tomorrow.





    You asked for more sport ... now let me see, who was that?

    Ooh, was it a girl or was it a boy?

    Let's see if my memory serves me well.

    Let me think!

    I know who it was.

    Everyone knows it was .........


P.E. - balls skills



►RE - Beliefs When Times Are Hard.

    by Mrs Muddimer



    by Mr Adair



    You have a choice today Year 6:

    I have 5 real authors for you, reading a variety of books.

    You may be able to pick up some tips from them which will help you with      your recording.

    Maybe listen to one or two now, and the rest in your own time - maybe        at bedtime tonight.

World Book Day's 10 Minute Story Sharing: Cressida Cowell

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