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Monday 4th May

Good Morning everybody!

Look at how much my carrot top has grown! The tallest shoot is just over 2cm!


This week there will be two parts to each English  lesson. The first part will recap on some of the Year 2 spelling, punctuation and grammar work. The second part will focus on the story James and the giant peach by Roald Dahl.

Part 1

Year 2 spellings to learn .Each day I will add some more words for you to learn. At the end of the week  you can ask a grown-up to test  you on all of the words for the week.

These are tricky but once you remember the pattern ould you will be able to spell all of them.                  would




A noun is a naming  word. It is usually the name of something such as a person , place , thing , animal or idea. Proper nouns begin with a capital letter and they are the names of a particular person, place or thing.

Watch the short clip below to find out a bit more about nouns.

Copy the short sentences and underline the words that are naming nouns. There might be more than one in a sentence. I've done the first one for you.

Click on the star for the answers.


1. My chair has big cushion.


2. We are going to the zoo.


3. The children played with the football.


4. I like apples but  I prefer oranges.


5. We had fun at the fair on Tuesday.


6. We went on a boat and saw some fish.


7. Rob  saw  a  massive bird in the tree.


Part 2

If you have been listening to me read James and the giant Peach by Roald Dahl , you will already know some of the story.

We are going to read chapter 1 again . This time you will be able to see the text as it is being read. Click below and stop when you get to chapter 2. This will be after a few  minutes.

Try and follow the text as it is being read. Whilst you are listening, think about the characters of Aunt Spiker and  Aunt Sponge and how Roald Dahl describes them , think about the things that they do and say to James that make him feel very sad and lonely.

In your book see if you can make a list of some of the different ways Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker make James feel sad and lonely. You should be able to find at least 5 or maybe more.

I've started the list for you.

James and the giant peach

1. They never call James by his name.



Roald Dahl | James and the Giant Peach


Our Maths work this week is all about money. It would be really helpful to have a collection of coins to help you with this work. To get us in the money mood click on the link below for a money warm up. Try and join in.

Below is some questions for you to work through . You don't need to print them off. You can jot the answers in your exercise book. I have included the answers so that you can check.


If the coins are the same , for example five  10p coins then I can count in tens.

When I am finding the total amount,  start with the coins that are worth the most.

For example - if I had a  2p coin a 1p coin and a 20p coin I would start with the 20p and then count on the 2p and 1p so it makes 23p.

When I'm adding 20p coins I can use my counting in 2s skills to help me.

If I know 2 , 4, , 6 ..........

I know 20 , 40 , 60 .............

Each 20p is the same as 2 tens.


If you want a bit of help before you start ,then click on the voice clip below. I will talk you throught the questions and give you some tips on what to do.

Extra Help - Listen to Miss Shepherd explain the questions before you start.

Printable version of questions for those with a printer.

Maths questions. Remember to click on the picture to make it bigger.

Science Fun!

I know that lots of you enjoyed doing the Skittles work last week.

Here are some other science tasks for you to have a go at.

All you need is some felt tip pens , paper(kitchen) towel and water.

Watch the videos below and have a go.

Remember to talk about what is happening and why you think it is happening.

Have fun!


Colourful Magic Trick with Paper Towels | Kids Science


Paper Towel Magic Experiment for Kids


Paper Towel Chromatography

Now Press Play

In school we use this as another way of helping our listening skills , joining in with some drama and accessing the curriculum in a different way . Why not have a go at home? You could get your whole family to join in!

Click on the link below the password is nowpressplay, with no spaces or capitals. You don't need to use headphones like we do in school but make sure you know where north , south ,  east and west is in the room you are using.

You can choose from reception , Years 1-2  in Years 3-6 you might like the dinosuar one.

Story time. James and the giant peach the rest of chapter 13 and some of chapter 14.

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