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Thursday 4th June

Good Morning everyone! 

THANK YOU once again for fantastic messages and emails with great work and positive learning in year 3 and 4. 


We already have some great suggestions:-

mailConduct a cup and string test (thanks Jack)

mailListen to music with head under water. Then listen to music out of water. It shows how well sound goes through water and air. (thanks Luke)

mail  Listen to music with ear defenders and without them. This would prove that you use your ears to hear. (thanks Luke)

mail make a radio vibration drum (thanks Alice)

enlightenedHere is our timetable for the day:-


Mrs Boyd and Mrs Brewster

WEEK BEGINNING:  01/06/20             Thursday

 Home Learning SUMMER TERM

8.40 – 9.00

9.00 - 9.30

9.30 – 10.30

10.30 -10.50

10.50 - 12

12– 1

1.00 – 2.50


English  skills – choose a page from your CGP book


PE with

Joe Wicks – follow link on youtube

or cosmic Yoga?

English/topic – Further Tudor royals reading


Maths – follow your own yr gp star for work


 Reading time (15mins)

 Times tables –

TT rockstars

ICT – shape coding activity


♦ English skills - using either your 10 minute English workout books or your grammar book (CGP books)  - choose a page to complete and mark once it is finished. 

EITHER ....PE With Joe | Thursday 4th June

OR.......The Twits | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure 📚🐒🐒🐒🐒

♦ ENGLISH - we will continue our reading week, by again focusing on The Tudor royal family, but this time the daughter of Henry VIII - can you guess? 


That's right  - Elizabeth I.....

Please read the following pages about Elizabeth I

Wasn't she incredible? I often wonder how she found the strength to be a Queen; woman were not seen as 'equal' to men in Tudor times!

This lesson is mainly reading. But I would like you to write down 2 questions you have about Elizabeth I - send your questions to me and I will share them.  


READING TIME - 15mins of quiet reading time please

♦ TT Rockstars time! - practise your times tables using TT rockstars. 

Please email or phone if you have lost your login and password, it is important everyone practises their times tables daily.

♦ ICT - today we will work on coding technique using 2D shapes. 

Login to 'Purple Mash' using your own login. This is 

username:  first name and first letter of surname e.g. Bill Smith would be bills

password: thythorn 

Next go to '2do's' you'll find the activity to complete there. 


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