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Well done on guessing the name on the register I was thinking of..... the person whose last name contains something found in the baskets on the table at school and used everyday..... PENfold. Congratulations to Zayaan who emailed the first correct answer.

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As tomorrow is a Bank Holiday there is no formal online learning. There will however be a page to visit to celebrate VE Day and our Lockdown Sleepover.


Yesterday (Wednesday) we learnt about VE Day - if you missed it I recommend you go back and watch the film and the Horrible History song. We started to think about things we could make to celebrate the day and your pictures have started to come flying in to me.... I've seen bunting, flags and pictures of Spitfire planes. Please keep emailing me your pictures and I will share them on our VE Day page tomorrow.


This week we should have been in Aylmerton - having an amazing sleepover in a new place...

So... how about you plan to sleep one night in a new place.... in your own house!!!! 

Could you make a den or a tent in your room or another room?

Could you sleep in a spare room, a downstairs room, a brother or sister's room?

Could you sleep on an airbed, the sofa, the floor....?
Where could you make your bed for the night? Can you make it cosy, safe but new?

Talk to your grown-ups....get some ideas...and if you are up for it we could do the Great Year 5 Lockdown Sleepover tomorrow night...........with snacks wink

Who's in?

Please complete the little form below to tell me whether you are in or not laugh

> WAKE ME UP WORKOUT - live from 9am
Start your day (or workout later) with The Body Coaches - Joe Wicks and Rosie Wicks. Click below...
Fancy a different kind of wake me up - 8x Table Dance with Filbert Fox? Click below...
> MATHS - perimeter

Our Maths session will use a video to teach us and this will ask you to pause from time to time to answer questions. The questions are on a worksheet that you can view on your screen. Answer the questions in your Exercise Book at the Maths end.
You will use the worksheet and the video together.


Click below to download the worksheet onto your screen. (it does not need to be printed)


Click below to watch the teaching video and pause when it asks you to answer the questions. Answer the questions in your Exercise Book at the Maths end.

Ask a grown-up to check or mark your work yourself using the answers below.
> ENGLISH - reading comprehension
NOTE: Below the Poems about Knights work I have included two alternative comprehension activities that have a simpler text and less complex comprehension questions for those that may prefer it: a simpler version and a simplest version.

Poems about Knights

Today's reading comprehension will look at Poems about Knights. In your KS2 English Comprehension Book in your work folder turn to page 22. You can answer the questions in the book itself or in your exercise book at the English end.

Click below to hear the text and questions read to you.

Click to hear the text...

Click to hear the questions...

Simpler Comprehension - The Worst Witch

Click below to work with The Worst Witch - the text, videos and questions are on this page.

Questions can be answered in your Exercise Book at the English end.

Simplest Comprehension - The Worst Witch

Click below to work with The Worst Witch - the text, video and questions are on this page.

Questions can be answered in your Exercise Book at the English end.


We should have been on the beach in Aylmerton searching for and collecting shells and fossils today.

'She sells sea shells on the sea shore'

This is part of a very famous tongue twister that uses alliteration (that we learned about yesterday).

You should try saying it fast..... or watch the funny video below and try and say the whole alliterative tongue twister laugh...

This tongue twister rhyme was written about a lady called Mary Anning. She lived 200 years ago and became famous for discovering, collecting and selling fossils on the beaches of England.

Watch the video below to learn about her...

Although we will have to wait a few months before we go searching for real shells and fossils we can make some pretend ones instead.

We can make them using salt dough. This is easy to make and full instructions are below:

You Need

  • 1 cupful of plain flour (about 250g)

  • half a cupful of table salt (about 125g)
  • half a cupful of water (about 125ml)

To Do

  • Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl. Add the water and stir until it comes together into a ball.


Can you create some salt dough 'fossils' by creating stone/pebble shapes of salt dough (some flour on the surface can help) and imprinting/marking designs and patterns?

You can get super creative here....could you make fossils for 2020 with prints of toy characters, lego etc? Could you print rainbows or other shapes and designs you like? Could you create pictures of plants, animals or flowers? You choose smiley. Here are some ideas:

To Do

  • Once you have made your 'fossils' you can bake them hard in the oven. 
  • Preheat the oven to its lowest setting and line a baking sheet with baking parchment
  • Put your finished items on the lined baking sheet and bake for 3 hrs or until solid.
  • Leave to cool.

I would love to see pictures of any you make.

> PE

Thursday is PE day. So I've 3 suggestions for today:

  1. POP SI KO
  2. YOGA


Click below to dance Pop si Ko!


Click below for a Harry Potter yoga workout...


Go for a walk or a bike ride. Take a camera/phone with you to photograph or just spot with your eyes...

1) a living thing smaller than your foot

2) a living thing about as tall as you

3) a living thing as tall as you can find

4) a non-living natural thing

5) a living thing that is more than 2 colours

We can continue to enjoy another story written and read by David Walliams. Find somewhere to relax comfortably and enjoy...
Is David Walliams not to your taste? indecision
If not, then visit our audio library where you can listen to books such as Harry Potter and a whole library of books and stories! Find somewhere below and then choose a story to listen to.

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