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Yesterday you received your logins to Seesaw (let me know if you didn't).

I am looking forward to seeing all your work, lesson by lesson, shared with me on Seesaw! Please use it to send me messages and ask questions too.


What a fantastic week so far, let's keep it going. 

A school sport challenge awaits you later today and a beautiful art activity, recreating the famous 'rose and castle' art of the canals.  

Year 5 – Thursday 21st  January 2021

Morning starter



20 mins independent reading







Reading comprehension

Mental Maths warm up


Divide 4 digits by 1 digit

Edit and publish a PREQUEL for Stig of the Dump.



Stig of the Dump Chapter 9


Thursday slide

SLSSP ball skills comp

Canal art


► MORNING WORK - reading comprehension




     ► Mental Starter

Divide 4-digits by 1-digit

Please watch - an extra example and worksheet explanation

Blue level Maths-  Complete Q's 1 - 3.  

Green level Maths - Complete All Questions 

Purple level Maths - an extra challenge below after you have completed the main sheet




Writing, editing and publishing- lesson input and explanation.



Stig of the Dump - Chapter 9 (part 1)


► Grammar


► P.E.

As a school, whether at home or in school, we have entered a sports competition against other schools in the area and would like everyone to take part.  It is based around basketball skills.  You do not need a ball or hoop at home and if you watch the video below it is explained how to complete the challenge.  Once you've practised a few times and perfected your skills, you can click on the link below to enter your results.  The other link is the flyer from SLSSP giving details about the event.  Good luck 

SLSSP Quad Cup: Virtual Basketball Competition



This afternoon I would like you to research and look at canal art - The Rose and Castle movement (as it is called).  I have included a document below that has a number of pictures on to give you some ideas.  .


Its title is somewhat misleading; although both roses and castles feature in the designs, so too do a number of other flowers (sometimes real, sometimes imaginary), cottages, churches, rivers and lakes - anything in fact that could be part of a romantic landscape.


Roses & Castles covered virtually everything in or on the narrowboat – including the vessel itself. The drinking can, the horse’s harness, doors, fitted furniture, lamps, anything and everything was decorated with bright and cheerful chocolate-box designs.


It would be lovely if you can put your design onto a paper plate, but if you don't have one, you could draw around a plate onto paper and create your design onto that outline.

Mrs Dunford demonstrates the design a plate activity

School Updates