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Wednesday 1.12.21

Morning work:

On a piece of paper can you write down as many words as you can that have the sound 'ng' in.


Today we are going to be looking at the 'u_e' sound blend in our lesson today. Please watch the  video below and join in if you can. After the video, you could go on a hunt around your house for 'u_e' blend sound objects.


In English today, we are going to be writing our story all about the gorilla and his friend Sam. The ideas we have come up with in class for our story is that the gorilla is lost in the jungle and can't find his family. He meets a man called sam who helps him to find his family in the jungle after searching and meeting jungle animals. The ending of the story is Sam and the gorilla finding his family.


Please use the special paper below to write your stroy about Sam and the gorilla. 



Today in Maths we are going to be looking at numbers 11-20. Please watch the white rose video and complete the worksheet below.

Numbers from 11 to 20

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