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Wednesday 13th May

Good Morning Year 2!

Keep up the good work , you are doing a brilliant job and we are very proud of you all!  We miss you lots ! 

Miss Shepherd and Mrs Archibald


PE lesson - We've had a go at this in school and you are all really good at it. Try and fit it in today!



Shape Challenge

Get that brain ready to listen to me describe the properties of some 2d and 3d shapes. Do you know their names? Click on the voice clip below.

Maths starter - shape challenge

Main part of maths lesson

We will be coming back to our money work later on this term.

Today we are going to start some work going over areas that will be very useful for when you move into Year 3. Each lesson has a video to watch first. You need to watch the video because it is linked to the work that you will then have a go at. 

Watch the video below to begin with.

When the man in the video says base ten , all he means is tens and ones.

Year 2 - Summer Term Lesson - Add and subtract ones

Click here for the maths questions. These can be printed off or you can work through them in your exercise book or you can talk through the questions and discuss your answers with a grown-up.


1 - Spellings This week we are practising some more of the Year 2 words. So far this week we have practised these words.

old      cold     gold       told     hold       money      only


Here are 3 more words for you to learn from the Year 2 list.

every        everybody       plant


Have a go at practising them all ready to be tested on Friday.


2- Handwriting  Complete page 33 in your handwriting booklet. This goes over the long i sound aswell as practising careful handwriitng.


3- Conjunctions 

We sometimes call conjunctions joining words , they are words like  and , but , because , if  and when.

Click on the link below to remind yourself about conjunctions.




Conjunction Work

and   but   because    if    when    so    or  that 

Find the conjunction in each sentence. Copy the sentence into your book and put a circle around the conjunction.


  1.  You can have a biscuit or a cake.
  2.  It is raining so we can't go outside.
  3.  The children are happy because it is Golden Time.
  4.  They can go to the park when they have had their lunch.
  5.  The cat has soft fur and green eyes.


Choose a conjunction to complete each sentence. Write it in your book.

  1. I wanted to ride my bike _____________ the tyre was flat.
  2. I missed the bus _______ I was late for work.
  3. I like swimming _______ I like running.
  4.  They got out of the sea __________ they saw a big shark!
  5.  You can play __________ you finish your work.






This week it is all about coding.

1.   Click on the link below and watch the short videos , there are also a couple of game to have a go at.

2. Now we are going to do some coding on Purple Mash. We have used this before but you might need a reminder before you start , look at the pictures I've included to remind you. Picture 1 shows you how to change the settings , don't choose the last one. Picture 2 shows you what to click on once you get to challenge 4 , this changes the way that you give the instructions.

username - children2

password - thythorn


Click on Tools

Scroll down to Coding

Click on 2GO (the one with the bee)

Click on challenges.

Work your way through each challenge by giving the instructions.



This week our music programme looks at the acoustic guitar and making a playlist.

Chapter 18 of James and the giant peach by Roald Dahl.

School Updates