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Friday 15th May

Good Morning Year 2!



Let's start the day with the Supermovers and the three times tables.


Main part of lesson.

Today we are looking at adding 2 digit numbers.

You need to make sure that you watch the video first as this is the teaching part of the lesson before you have a go at the questions. 

Parents - please note that the formal method for addition is introduced in this lesson so it is really important that the children watch the video part very carefully and pause and discuss.

When it says use base ten - it means use tens and ones. You can either draw to be sure (draw tens and ones) or use objects to represent tens and ones. 

For example pens could be used instead of tens and pieces of pasta for ones, or you could make some by cutting paper. Look at my homemade tens and ones below.


You can click on the pencil for the answers!


Miss Shepherd's homemade base ten , my tens and ones. My number is 45.

Year 2 - Summer Term Lesson - Add 2-digit numbers

Maths questions. These can be printed off or you can jot down the answers in your exercise book or you can talk through the questions and your answers with a grown-up.


1. Spelling  Do you know how to spell the Year 2 words that we have been practising this week?

Have another practise and then ask a grown-up to test you. 


old           cold          gold          told         hold         money     

only           every          everybody        plant


2. Writing a short description from picture

Yesterday we changed a description of a picture of an old man to make it more interesting and effective.

Today we are going to write a short description of this picture.

Look below.


Your description does not need to be long but it needs to be interesting. Try and include adjectives , conjunctions , maybe a question or exclamation sentence , capital letters and full stops . 

Here are some useful words and a sentence to start with if you are not sure how to start.


lady     curly        grey     old   little       hair    glasses   blue       spotty       white      dress       white        apron     old    small    short       pink       fluffy      slippers    happy      friendly       kind     she     her    


I looked  in  the  room and  saw  a .............   


Today's lesson is all about Africa and a country in Africa called Nigeria.

Africa is a continent and is made up of 54 countries.

Click on the link below and scroll down for the diffferent parts of the lesson.


Task - for those who would like something extra to do.

Can you find out the name of some of the countries in Africa and make a list ? 

You could look at an atlas or a map on the internet. 


James and the Giant Peach. Chapter 19 to 24 by a different storyteller.


On Monday I asked you to try and get a cardboard box ready for a challenge. 

This challenge can be done over the following week so does not have to be completed today but you could start to think about what you are going to do.

It is a very simple challenge, take a box and what can you turn it into?

Look at some ideas below to help you get inspired. I look forward to seeing some of your ideas!



What can you do with a box challenge?


Every Friday we have Golden Time this is when we have time to choose what we would like to do. It's a bit different at home but spend some time playing with you favourite toys , maybe make something out of junk , spend some time colouring and drawing or if it's not raining do something outside.


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