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Thursday 23rd April 2020

Wake Up, Shake Up - PE With Joe | Thursday 23rd April

Today is a special day for a significant person in history:


Happy Birthday William Shakespeare!



Today we are going to mix our English and History together. We have already read Richard III by William Shakespeare in Spring Term 1. Why not choose another of his works as your reading book tonight.



Some of the vocabulary it will be worth clarifying and learning:


So now let's do a little reading and gather facts:

1) Complete the sheet included (see link)  - or you can write the headings in your exercise book and complete in as much detail as possible.

2) See if you can find 5 or more facts about him online.

3) Create your own PowerPoint or present your information in another way - you choose. E-mail it to me afterwards.

4) Complete William Shakespeare's Family Tree - you can use online research as well to support you.

5) Complete your own family tree as far you can. Ring Grandma or Grandad - see how they are coping in lockdown and ask them about their family members who are older than them - their ancestors. If you have family albums have a look through any old photos. It might be good to have a look at photos of yourself and look at how much or little you have changed, as next week we are learning more about Changes.

6) Research about the many plays William Shakespeare has written and complete the next activity listed below.

Paper and headings - print off if needed

William Shakespeare's Family Tree - Family Tree - print off if needed

Research the many plays of William Shakespeare - print off if needed

The many plays of William Shakespeare - he loved to write!

Reading Comprehension - William Shakespeare's Sonnet

William Shakespeare's Sonnet for printing off if multiple copies are needed for the family quiz


MATHS can be a puzzling thing - can you problem-solve and reason? Show your working out in your exercise book.

ART - sketching techniques - sketching is a series of mini lines which eventually build to make an image. Sketching is curls and swirls, dots and dashes, light and dark, faint and bold. So this is where we are going to start. Sketching is not one solid line, drawn in one go.



Learn about line making. Click below and learn all about lines in artwork.

For PE this afternoon, I know you may have done Joe Wicks PE lesson this morning (or you could do his PE this afternoon if you like) but if you fancy something different, try this!

You might feel a bit self conscious to begin with but I bet you giggle and laugh further on.

Try completing the moves with everyone at home.


Who can't manage to stay in the freeze position? wink

Who can't co-ordinated their legs, knees and hands? laugh

Who fell over? surprise

Flexibility - Dance and Action Songs - Move and Freeze - by The Learning Station

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