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Tuesday 19th May

Good Morning Year 2!


1.Spelling Each week we are practising spelling the words that are on the Year 2 list.

Here are today's words for you practise. Make sure that you have another practise of the words that we started to learn yesterday.


New words for today

most      past       last  


Yesterday's words

move     prove       improve


2 - Handwriting Complete page 35 in the handwriting booklet. This goes over the long u sound aswell as practising your neat careful handwriting. 

Look carefully at how the letter u joins.


3 - Commas in a list    Today we are going to remind ourselves about using commas in a list. 

Watch the short video below and then complete the comma task.

Ask a grown-up to draw you a big comma like the one I have done. Turn it into a character . Mr Comma or Miss Comma .

Then see if you can write 3 sentences underneath that use commas in a list. You could start with

I like..............

I can...............

It  is..............

My favourite............. is


Commas in a list


Starter - listen to the voice clip below and see if you can shout out the answers. Get that maths brain working!


Maths starter - listen and see if you can shout out the answers!

The main part of the lesson is about comparing number sentences make sure you watch the teaching video. It might be useful to have a pencil and some paper to hand in case you need to jot anything down.

Teaching Video - comparing number sentences

Maths questions. You can print these off or work through them in your exercise book or discuss the questions and answers with a grown-up.


Make sure that you find time today to read a book.

You can choose a book with Oxford Owl.

Click below

Class name - best

password - class

My bookshelf -click on ages 5-6 , 6-7 or 7-8 yrs


What do you already know about spiders?

There are two short videos below. The first one is all about spiders and the second one shows you how to draw a spider's web.

 After watching the second video see if you can draw a spider web picture.

You could draw one big one or lots of small ones. Dont forget to draw the spider too!

Spiders for kids

How to Draw a Spider Web


A challenge for this week or even half term!

Can you make a marble maze?

Look at the pictures below for some ideas.

If you have got some lego then you could use it to make a marble maze.

I'd love to see your ideas.

Marble Maze ideas.

Time for the next part of our story . James and the Giant Peach chapter 28 to chapter 31

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