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All classes. Topic and other activities

Challenge activity

For this activity you will need spaghetti and some marshmallows. So if you haven't got these things you can do it on another day.


The spaghetti tower. Made with pasta sticks and marshmallows, the challenge is to make as tall a tower as possible that won't fall over!

Amazing Australia

Today we are going to learn about another famous landmark in Australia.   Uluru

( pronounced Ool-a-roo ) is a massive, reddish coloured rock . Uluru is the name that the native people of Australia gave to this beautiful place, and to them, Uluru is a sacred place.

Can you see where in Australia Uluru is ?

Uluru in Australia

Find out about Uluru by looking at the PowerPoint . Discuss with an adult.

This short video is a great way of experiencing what Uluru is like in different weather and light.

Year 1 and 2 writing facts activity. You don't need to print this sheet ask a grown-up to draw the template in your book so that you can complete it by writng some facts.

Follow the instructions - How to draw Uluru, Australia. Can you create your own Uluru art work. Look below.

Instead of a story today we have a song called The Uluru Rock. Enjoy!

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