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Miss Kaur’s Friday Morning Message



Friday 12th February

Miss Kaur’s mindfulness activity

Remember you can do any of the mindfulness activities from this week over the half term holidays ☺️



This is your chance to share something about the learning, the week you've had or just to check in with Miss Kaur blush



Miss Kaur goes through the Pobble task

Examples of fronted adverbials you can use



Count in tenths

♦BLUE - Need extra help?

Click on the video below for help from me (Miss Kaur)  😊

Help from Miss Kaur

Still image for this video

♦PURPLE - Challenge Question/Mini extension 

Answers for the extension task

Still image for this video


►Zoom with the class (10am to 10.40am) 

Today is a fun class catch up zoom session.

The link to the meeting is on seesaw.

This is our last class meeting of this half term! So please join in for some fun and games! 

You will just need to bring yourself, a pen/pencil and paper

(I may ask you to find stuff during the session).


Please remember: I will let you in when I am ready to start the session.



Spelling test with Miss Kaur

Still image for this video
Click to hear

New spellings - Test Friday 26th February

Recap of words from Year 3 and 4 list tested already















Rory Story Cubes - story writing

Click on the video to hear about our English lesson, a fun story writing task!

Image of the cubes for your story!

Remember: The success criteria is to support your writing smiley

♦BLUE - Need extra help?

Help to create your story

Still image for this video
It can be whatever you want it to be!





Worse things happen at sea

Chapter 22, 23 and 24



PSHE / Wellbeing

Click on the link to find out more about the simply sounds project and how to get involved today

The sound recording can be of anything – as long as it’s important to the community, group or individual. It could be related to a hobby, homelife, pets, nature, work or any other area of inspiration.


Anyone who would like to take part in the Simply Sounds project is asked to make a two-minute recording of their sound on a mobile phone or other device, as well as taking three photographs which illustrate the sound.

These should then be emailed to: or sent via WhatsApp on: 07526 928704.

Simply Sounds Explainer

Leicestershire County Council, in partnership with Leicester University and the British Library, is inviting you to take part in our new and exciting project...




Take 45minutes to have fun. 

But the rule is: No screen! 


Don't forget to show me what you've done on seesaw!

Need some ideas...?


►Half term homework/activity 

Kung hei fat choi! 

The word you will say when the morning of the first day of The Chinese Lunar New Year. It has a meaning of cheers, wishing people luck & have a wonderful future.


All About Chinese New Year 2021

A video about what Chinese New Year is and the history behind it

Copy of the activities with links embedded

School Updates