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Following on from our work on Oliver's Vegetables, talk to you children about all of the fruit and vegetables that they eat as part of their meals.


Ask your child to make a list of the vegetables that they east each week and write a sentence about their favourite vegetable: 'I like_______because...'



Continuing our work on Tricky Words, please play this game to see how many words from phase 2 and phase 3 your child can recognise.


You will need to go to and then login using the username: march20 and the password: home


Then go to resources and scroll down until you find Tricky Word Trucks. Play the Phase 2 Tricky Words and then the Phase 3 Tricky Words. You could then select the Phase 2 and 3 HFWs as this includes some words to segment too.



Continuing our work on subitising, please follow the link below and print out the flashcards to show to your child.

Ask them to call out the numbers as quick as they can. You may want to repeat this a few times.


If you don't have a printer at home, you could replicate the cards on pieces of paper.

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