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Diary Writing

Remember diary writing is a good way of recording the events of the day and recording your thoughts and feelings.

You are going to write about yesterday , so you will need to think about what you did and how you were feeling.

Your heading will be

Wednesday 1st  July


Try and write at least 6 to 8 sentences making sure that you use careful punctuation and handwriting.

Here is my diary entry for yesterday

Try and include conjunctions in your writing to extend and join your sentences. Can you see my conjunctions? I've highlighted them.

I've also highlighted some of the punctuation I've used.

Here's my diary entry for yesterday,


Wednesday 1st July

I started my day with Joe Wicks and his PE lesson. I've not done it for a while so I felt very tired and very worn out ! I had a tasty breakfast of crumpets with butter and jam. Then I started my work and checked all my emails. It was really nice to hear from Joshua and Lily and they sent me some lovely photos. I had a look through this weeks photos and the ones of Hollie in her paddling pool really made me smile! In the afternoon I spoke to Mr Smyton on the phone and Mrs Archibald rang me too. It was great to speak to them because  I haven't seen them for a long time. Later on I went for a walk but it started rain ! I got soaking wet so I had a hot bath and watched TV.



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