Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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3rd November


Please read with your child and record it in their reading diary.




Today we are learning about India's Wonder of the World; the Taj Mahal.


Watch the video below and create your own version of the Taj Mahal. You could either create a beautiful painting or picture or construct a Taj Mahal out of materials such as toilet rolls.



The Story of the Taj Mahal for Kids: Famous World Landmarks for Children - FreeSchool



Today we are learning the 'p' sound.


Show your lots of things which begin with p and see if they can spot the initial sound.


Show them 'p' and ask them to repeat the p sound after you.


Model how to write the 'p' letter (I have added a video on Tapestry to support) emphasising the part of the letter that goes below the line. This is called a descender. To write the letter, we say 'down the pirate's plait, back up and around his face and flick.' 


Ask your child to write 'p' a few times and then give them the words 'pat' and 'tap' to segment and write independently.




Today we are thinking about applying subitising.


Play a board game with your child which includes a dice. Encourage your child to say the number on the dice without counting. hey can, of course, count if the number is higher or they need to check.


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