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Monday 30th March

Hello Year 2!


  1. Complete the next handwriting sheet in the handwriting booklet. It's page 7. I know this is a letter that some of you find tricky so don't worry if it doesn't look perfect , just keep practising. 
  2. Writing - Today we are going to think about the character Plop from the book we have read , The owl who was afraid of the dark by Jill Tomlinson.  Take a page in your exercise book and write the heading PLOP at the top and draw a picture leaving enough space below to write(see below).  You are going to write in first person pretending you are Plop. Think about everything that Plop might tell somebody about himself.
  • where he lives  
  • what he eats
  • about his family
  • why he is scared of the dark
  • what he looks like
  • and anything else


Writing in first person uses the words 

I    me     my    I'm    I've


Here are my ideas about what Plop might say about himself. You can use them to help you with your writing.

Here are some useful words to help you.


  • Starter - Count in steps of 2 ,5,10 and 3 aloud. If you are really good at this going forwards then count backwards from 120 for tens , form 60 for fives, from 24 for 2s and from 36 for 3s.
  • Over the next couple of days we are going to recap on telling the time.
  • So to begin with watch the video clips below.

Telling the Time

Now try and complete page 100 in the learning booklet by writing the times that the clocks show underneath.

Use the words _____ o'clock   ,   quarter past ________ , half past __________

and quarter to ___________.

Remember telling the time is all about practising. It is fine to work through these with an adult helping you.



​​​​As part of our work on Paws, Claws and Whiskers we are going to listen to piece of music called 'Carnival of the Animals' by a French composer called Camille Saint - Saens. A composer is a person who writes music. He was born in 1835 and died in 1921. He wrote this music in 1886, so it is 134 years old!!

There are 14 parts to the piece and each part is about a different animal.He thought about the way the animal moves and the sounds that it makes to help him write the music. 


Each day we are going to listen to one of the parts. I would like you to talk about the music with your grown-up and decide which animal you think it is about. You will be able to find out the answer at the end of this page.

Listen to a part of 'Carnival of the Animals '


Today we are going to practise our drawing skills. Use a piece of plain paper or you could use a page of your exercise book. Watch the video below which shows you how to draw a lion. Don't worry about getting it perfect just have a go! You could get your grown-up to have a go too. Then you could colour it carefully using appropriate colours. Tomorrow I will post my drawing ! 


How To Learn To Draw A Lion

Time to find out which animal the music is about!!

Remember to keep up with that reading! 

Share a story from home or go onto Oxford Owl and choose a book from the book shelf .

This week we are going to have a daily riddle. Riddles are fun and get your brain working and thinking hard. Think about the clues and what the answer could be.


Riddle - What belongs to you , but other people use it more than you?


Answer - your name.


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