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Wednesday 22nd April

Hello Year 2!

Yesterday I went for a walk in Knighton Park and saw these beautiful spring trees! Keep your eyes open for all the amazing trees , plants and flowers that are everywhere!



Have a go at the questions in your exercise book.

Remember to DRAW TO BE SURE if you need to.

Then click on the star to check your answers.

Main part of maths lesson

Today we are going to have a go at an online maths lesson about shape.

Click on the link below and follow the lesson. You have to do a quick quiz first just to see what you already know and then you click on next ativity to join in with the lesson on a video. There are also some tasks for you to do in your exercise book. It would be a good idea for a grown-up to sit alongside you whilst you get used to this type of online learning.




This week we have been listening to and reading the traditional story Jack and the beanstalk. Today I would like you to take a double page in your exercise book and draw a story map for the whole story. We have done this before in school and it helps us to think about the different parts of the story and the order that they happen in.The purpose of doing this is to help us when we write the story later in the week.  Remember your pictures don't have to be perfect! Start at the beginning and think about the different events that happen. I have put a few examples below to help you remember what to do. Try and include some good sentence starters and key words. Remember you don't have to write full sentences this is your plan for later in the week.


Today we are going to use Purple Mash which you can use on a tablet , laptop or desktop. (I can even use it on my phone)  To login  -   username  = children2

                                            password = thythorn

We are going to do some work on  2animate which we have used before so hopefully you will remember.yes

1. Click on Tools

2. Scroll down to the heading,  Art and Design.

3. Click on 2animate.

Task  - to make an animation of the beanstalk growing from Jack and the beanstalk.

If you click on the menu part ,3 lines in a purple square in the top left hand corner . Then click on open and on beanstalk to watch an example.


Remember you have got the slides at the top and you add more slides by clicking on the + sign. The trick is is to add a little bit more detail each time. So start with the soil then drag it to the next slide at the top and add some magic beans. Keep going adding a little bit of the stem , roots and leaves. Then watch your beanstalk grow!




Every week we are going to have a music lesson. We are going learn about different musical instruments by watching a great programme called Yolanda's Band Jam. Each programme looks at different instruments. You might even discover a musical instrument you would like to play!

This week we are going to find out all about recorders.

Click on the link below.


It's time for our story. Chapter 3 and 4 of James and the giant peach.

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