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Please read with your child for 20 minutes each day. This could be a story book which you read, a phonics book which they read or a mixture of the two.


Oxford Owl have a library of free books which can be read on a phone or tablet.


Follow the link below and sign up yourself. You can then access a variety of books which are age-appropriate. Start on age 3-4 (Oxford Level 1+) and work your way through as your child gets more confident.



Today we are learning about the sound 'r'. 


Please watch the lesson video which I have attached below and then complete the following activities.


Blue challenge: Practise writing the letter 'r' independently, using lined paper and the rhymes to help you.


Green challenge: write the following words independently:








Purple challenge: write the following sentences independently


I trip on the rug.


My dad can grin.

EYFS Phonics 'r' sound - 07/01/21



Today we are going to think about different ways of representing the number 6.


Watch the Numbertime video below and then practise the following skills:



Blue challenge: Ordering pieces of paper with the numbers 0-6 written on them. 


Green challenge: Recalling one more and one less than a given number up to 6. This could be done using object to support and then mentally.


Purple challenge: Writing the numerals 0-6

Number 6



Today we usually have PE with Mr Revan.


This term we are working on negotiating space.


Play a game of stuck in the mud with your family.


Select somebody to be 'on' and everybody else should try to stay away from them. If the person that is on tags you, you have to count to 10 before you can start running again.


I have also attached a Joe Wicks workout below, should you want to do something active indoors.

PE With Joe | Wednesday 15th July

To anyone that sent me a card, letter or a gift ❤️ I appreciate every single one and opened them all 😌Please watch this:



Today we usually have RE with Mrs Timson.


Watch the video about Jesus' baptism.


When it is finished, ask your child why it is important to share.


Why do we have to share with others?


What is respect?


Why do we need to respect others? 

Here is an idea for a craft relating to our Bible story, as a extra activity should you wish to complete it.

Jesus is Baptized | 100 Bible Stories

►Extra Challenge


See if you can create a chair for baby bear using any construction of your choice (Duplo, LEGO etc)

Story time with Mrs Wills - Elmer

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