Thythorn Field Community Primary School

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1. Spellings

Our spellings for this week.

Practise them everyday , ready for a test on Friday.


These ones are the trickier ones from the Year 1 list

school     where        friend        were  


These ones are from the Year 2 list

many     sure      sugar     whole     hour    climb


2. Writing Task

On Monday we learnt about The Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Today we are going to imagine that we have been diving in The Great Barrier Reef and we are going to write a recount about all the things that we saw. Below are a series of different pictures that you can use to help you with ideas. Use the sentence starters with each picture and try and include adjectives and conjunctions.

You can listen to my recount to help you.



You could start with. Yesterday I had a fantastic day diving in The Great Barrier Reef in Australia! First I put on my gear and dropped down into the clear blue water.

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